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Watch: Stacey Dash Gets The Last Laugh When Oscar Host Chris Rock Tried To Turn Her Into A Joke!

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2016 Oscar’s host Chris Rock thought he would make fun of actress, Fox News contributor Stacey Dash by introducing her as, “The New Director for Minority Outreach Program,” during Sunday night’s Academy Awards. After an initial this-is-clearly-fake laugh from the audience, the crowd quickly turned stunned as Dash herself graced the stage at the Dolby Theatre.

“I can not wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month!” she said with a giggle.

Game, set and match to Ms Dash for this comeback.

Dash is smart and pretty at the same time while not allowing anyone to tell her how to think and what to say. Dash has been on the front of many race baiting websites for what she said a few weeks ago. Dash talked about ending Black Entertainment Television and stop segregating if black actors/actresses want to be considered part of one Hollywood.

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I couldn’t agree more. For her troubles, she continues to be attacked on social media without conscious:

I got the joke, but the audience was perhaps shocked to see Dash there. Congrats to the lovely Stacey for being a good sport.

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Liberals, more specifically black voters, hate Dash because she does not think Black people should get special treatment just because they are Black. She believes all people should be treated equally.

How can you go wrong with that?

H/T – NJ.com

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  1. Roland says:

    I like Stacey Dash!

  2. Robert says:

    I agree with Dash. We have to end any identification of race on government documents. If most of the good basketball and football players are black, then most of the teams should be black. If black people commit more crimes, then there should be more black people in prison. No indication of race should be allowed on college applications. No indication of race should be allowed on mortgage applications. There should be no special interest groups. And the term African American should be banned. We are all americans. Some are black and some are white but we are ALL Americans. No one deserves any special consideration. I don’t take any credit for anything my forefathers did and I am not responsible for any crimes they committed. If you consistently do something for someone that he is capable of doing himself you hurt that person.