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Watch: Tennis Star Reveals His Teammates Shocking Secret on Live TV!


Fresh off of their victory in the Davis Cup tournament, the British men’s tennis team was always going to be hounded by the media. Which is why it’s such a mystery that Wimbledon-wining star Andy Murray didn’t do his homework before being interviewed with the BBC. Or at least have a quiet word with his fellow players.

And now his poor teammate, Dominic Inglot has a lot of explaining to do … to two women.

Asked how they would be celebrating their progression into the quarter-finals, Murray told the world that Inglot had a “little girlfriend” in Glasgow, the city where the David Cup was held, and that he would likely be celebrating with her.

But there was only one problem … Inglot had a girlfriend back in London … who was watching the interview from home.

We’re not sure how this revelation will affect team spirit! Watch the awkward moment here:

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Comments on “Watch: Tennis Star Reveals His Teammates Shocking Secret on Live TV!”

  1. Adrian says:

    I always wondered about the intellect of tennis players…

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.