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Watch This Police Officer’s Reaction When He’s Caught on Live Television

A St. Louis-area police officer was caught in a live news broadcast, and his reaction upon finding out was priceless.

What was the police officer caught doing? Well, nothing really – other than intruding on a live video feed. But his deer-in-the-headlights response is simply too funny.

During a KTVI morning broadcast, a local Fox reporter was discussing an apartment fire that had taken place in Jefferson County. And that’s when this happened …

Via The Blaze:

That’s when the station cut to their reporter on the ground. Right behind him was a police officer — looking like he was scared to death of being caught on live TV.

“Good morning. I just learned that about 35 people from the assisted living…” Kiekow began.

But as he spoke, an officer walking in the background visibly noticed the camera in front the reporter – and himself – then froze in his tracks and shuffled to his left to escape any further damage.

Watch for yourself …

And if that didn’t make you laugh, here’s a picture of a cat in the same pose.


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