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Watch This Video and Never Eat Eggs the Same Way Again!

It’s happened to all of us… we sit down to breakfast and realize we are eating the same eggs we’ve eaten from the last week.

Thank the culinary gods then, for Japanese chef Yama Chaahan, who has blessed the world with his new way to cook eggs.

And all you need is a pan with water. And a pair of pantyhose. And a flashlight. And lots of tape.

Nobody said this would be an easy recipe, ok. Only interesting. You see, if you follow the chef’s recipe you should have boiled eggs that are inside out — with the yolks on the outside.

What better way to impress your partner than with a breakfast which will make them yell: “what the heck is that?”

Watch the video here:

What’s your favorite way to cook eggs? Let us know in the comments below.