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WATCH: Top Republican Just EMBARRASSED Democrats During Sit-In!!

Democrat Sit-In

Rep. Louie Gohmert is right about Islam being the problem. But the Democrats are too dumb to understand this.

You’ve got ask yourself why is it more important to take away law abiding citizens’ guns?

The sit-in idiots think stricter gun control will fool us into security. All they are doing is disarming, legal, law abiding citizens. How about enforcing the laws already in place, and furthermore, realizing, radical Islamic terrorists are here to dominate and destroy. Kindness and love will not stop them. They see all of us as infidels. They will kill us. Period.

Gohmert was 100 percent right and those who choose to deny it, mostly Dems, are an even bigger danger to US citizens! Blind or just evil idiots! You can ALWAYS count on two things when a Democrat runs for political office…to be taxed to death and to have your guns taken away, leaving us completely vulnerable, so we will be easier to control!

From Associated Press:

Democrats and Republicans nearly came to blows on the House floor during an extraordinary protest for a vote on gun control legislation.

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas approached the Democrats and yelled, “Radical Islam!” Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida started yelling back at him. The two came within inches of each other, both yelling.

Lawmakers from both parties separated the two.

Our lovely tax dollars at work…. Let’s clean house when the next election occurs. Congress is a joke. A glorified day care center for a bunch of whining brats who throw tantrums when things don’t go their way. Grow up & get something done vs “all talk & no action.”

Why don’t the Democrats order all guns removed from all of the House and Senate? In fact, don’t allow any gun-toting guards for any Democrats so they can live out their gun free fantasy. They would never do this because they aren’t against guns, they are against the people having guns.

Me, I’m for all of our Constitutional Rights and that includes the 2nd. First, Democrats ignore the fact that Sharia savages that carry out these murders in the name of their prophet. “Allah u Akbar.”

Mateen, the shooter in Orlando was a Hillary supporter and Democrat voter. Leftists want to keep Blacks on the plantation and add Hispanics, Asians, and a few Whites to their Marxist bondage plantations.

It’s unbelievable that American politicians are more willing to sacrifice the American people while defending the true enemy…. It’s even more disturbing that there are Americans who actually put them in office and blindly support them…

…Let us draw a line in the sand to determine who’s side these politicians are really on. The old school way.

H/T- Associated Press

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