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Watch: Trailer For New Movie About America’s Deadliest Sniper

Chris Kyle, the United States Navy SEAL who had 160 confirmed sniper kills while serving four tours in the Iraq War, is the subject of a new movie titled American Sniper.

Bradley Cooper, who is playing Kyle in the film, said it was “just an honor” to play the American hero in this film.

Via People:

While Bradley Cooper was able to bulk up for his turn in director Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, his real challenge was taking on the intensity and emotion of his character.

Cooper plays Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in United States history. The Navy SEAL served four tours in Iraq before returning home, but the battle didn’t end when he was honorably discharged.

Kyle struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder when he returned from the frontlines, yet was able to overcome it and help other vets – before he was killed last year.

“It was just an honor,” Cooper, speaking to reporters at Monday’s New York City premiere of the film, said of playing Kyle. He called the role “the benefit of being an actor.”

Watch the trailer …

Meanwhile, from epic hero to epic scumbag – former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura is suing publisher HarperCollins over the book that spawned this film. Ventura successfully sued Kyle’s widow for $1.8 million earlier this year, saying the Navy SEAL ‘defamed him.’

Now he’s looking for another payday, while dancing on Kyle’s grave.

What are your initial thoughts about American Sniper?  Will you be going to see this movie?