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Watch: What Valet Driver Did To Lamborghini Will Leave You Speechless!


A valet driver in Florida earned some heat from his client when he decided to take a $400,000 Lamborghini for a spin and accidentally set it on fire.

An image of the vehicle on fire was posted to Instagram with a caption that reads, “Guy revving his Lambo like an idiot and it catches fire on Lincoln Road.”

The driver in the image standing next to the expensive vehicle is wearing a ‘valet’ shirt.

Here is a video of the Lamborghini in flames:

This valet driver was taking a little joyride with a Lamborghini that was brought in by one of his clients, but as he began to show off and rev the engine while riding through South Beach, the exhaust spontaneously erupted into flames. The fire then led to the valet driver running around the car in sheer panic, while a passerby put out the flames with a fire extinguisher taken from a nearby store as they waiting for the fire department to arrive.

The fire department arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

Comment: If this were your very expensive Lamborghini and the valet driver set it on fire, what would your reaction be? Tell us below.