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Watch How This Vet Reacts When He Is Reunited With His Dogs!



An older veteran was moved to tears when an animal shelter returned the dogs that he had to give up after he suffered a heart attack.

The veteran had a difficult time getting his two best friends back after his health scare, because he couldn’t afford the adoption fee required. Staffers and volunteers surprised him by chipping in to pay the costs for him.

Video of the magical moment was captured and posted to social media.

Via Fox News Insider:

A veteran was moved to tears after an animal shelter returned his dogs which he couldn’t afford to buy back.

The veteran suffered a heart attack in September and was forced to give up Bailey and Blaze because they had no one to take care of them.

The Delaware shelter was supposed to return the dogs, but after weeks had passed, they were put up for adoption. Somehow, no one scooped up the beautiful canines in the interim.

The man returned and seemed determined to gather the $250 necessary to re-adopt his dogs. But the next day, he was told the money wouldn’t be necessary — staffers and volunteers had chipped in to cover the costs, and Bailey and Blaze were his to keep again.

If this doesn’t move you to tears, check your pulse.

One of the volunteers at the shelter said the man “was willing to sell his car to get the money” just to get his best friends back.

What an all-around awesome story for a man who served his country. Well-deserved!

Comment: Tell the truth, did this vet’s reaction to being reunited with his best friends move you to tears? Tell us below!


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  1. rodica says:

    Does anybody know how we can get in touch with these wonderful people who help our Vet and his friends reunite?