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Watch What Happens When a Disrespectful Baltimore Resident Stands In Front of Geraldo’s Interview


During Sean Hannity’s show on Fox news, reporter Geraldo Rivera was attempting to interview Baltimore State Senator Catherine E. Pugh and found himself caught up in a confrontation he didn’t expect but then again he didn’t back down. During the face-to-face argument with a young Baltimore protester, Geraldo kept telling the young man “Stop blocking my camera!” and “You’re making a fool of yourself!”

Rivera moved a bit to speak to the young man, but another protester started shouting about Fox News “stop making money off of exploiting black people.”

After things calmed down, Geraldo continued the interview with State Senator Pugh about the environment and state of black youth in the city.

Living in Baltimore, I know Senator Pugh and in this video, she didn’t denounce the unruly behaviors of these young hooligans, and more oft will challenge others if they have anything to say about it. She should have put that young protester in his place immediately. Especially as a mother, she should not have condoned that kind of behavior from our young men and women; one will expect her not to tolerate that kind of attitude from her own child.

“Wrong is wrong and right is right” as they would say in my community. The word “civil” is the crux of what citizens right to protest is all about. We can show respect by being polite. Respect is reciprocal. Why do we constantly demean ourselves, and still ask for respect? I hate this…

H/T – Business Insider, Youtube



  1. Jerry says:

    Geraldo is the biggest phony ever to be on tv. he stages this always has worst than WWA

  2. Shirley says:

    These are the types of people that the police have to deal with every day. They do not want a conversation. No dialogue. THanks to the Community Organizers they are taught to hate. Going thru life causing trouble. Making sure those that want better for their families do not have the opportunity. Look at the looters. The “protesters” across the country in solidarity for Baltimore… what a joke. Just like Ferguson protesters these people got direction from the Geo Soros groups creating unrest, hate, division all over this country.

  3. Teresa says:

    This wasnt about him at all he was trying to interview the Senator of the State of Maryland .This adult was so disrespectful to his Senator is my problem.Will someone teach these heatherns some manners and respect !!!

  4. Karen says:

    to suggest that band of thugs displaying disrespect, violence and ire while looting, burning, trashing THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD are concerned about their neighborhood is a pathetic joke. They are merely about what they can steal/boost and it has nothing to do with anything but greed and opportunism. DISGUSTING

  5. Phillip says:

    THIS is your coverage of the “Geraldo incident”?! I agree with Deana, you should show the whole video to give context. This article, and Geraldo’s response, is EXACTLY what the well spoken gentleman in the hat was trying to highlight and avoid.

    I understand that “news” must often be put into the context of a narrative for viewers (and clickers) to be interested – but please… get some perspective and create a narrative that’s at least close to the truth.

  6. Darryl says:

    Who cares what Geraldo says or whether his feeble attempts to report his and Fox’s agenda is really news. It obviously isn’t. That’s the chance you take when you report in the middle of the action. Real reporters go overseas and get shot for their efforts. This article implies that Geraldo did something heroic. He didn’t.

    1. Joseph says:

      Darryl – Geraldo walked in the midst of a bunch of savages who were clearly irrational and totally uncivilized. I personally don’t care for Geraldo, but what he did took some guts.

  7. James says:

    Geraldo is not a favorite of mine, but he stood up to this moron and gets shouted down and Fox News is criticized. These looters and arsonist don’t know anything about Fox except what they have heard liberal retards repeat.

  8. Deana says:

    How about you show the entire video so that people have proper context? You’re welcome!


    1. Michael says:

      Geraldo could have replied to the young man in the video simply stating that the people should look at the leadership they have elected to address the problems he was complaining about. Democrats have been running Baltimore for over 30 years, maybe time to change your leadership, you obviously are not getting anywhere with the liberal democrats.