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Watch What This 6th Grade Interviewer Does When He Tires of Obama’s Answer!


Middle school student, Osman Yahya, interviewed President Obama earlier this week, and asked a viewer submitted question about techniques to fight off writer’s block.

Apparently, the President’s response became a little too long-winded for the 6th grade student, as he continuously shifted in his seat while Obama droned on, finally interrupting him by saying “Yeah, I think you’ve sort of covered everything about that question.”

Watch the humorous exchange below…

Via Breitbart:

During the event, hosted by Discovery Ed, Yahya brought up a viewer submitted question about how the president gets rid of writer’s block.

Obama began by explaining to the audience what writer’s block was, suggesting that the best way to beat it was to start writing things down. As Obama went on, Yahya’s attention waned as he shifted in his seat.

Obama’s answer went on as he talked about experiencing writer’s block when he wrote some of his speeches. He rambled for more than three minutes before Yahya politely intervened.

“Yeah,” he said, “I think you’ve sort of covered everything about that question,” he said as the audience laughed.

Yahya would later admit to having a perfectly acceptable excuse for cutting off the leader of the free world – lunch!

The student told Politico that he was simply “nudging him to get on” because “most students were hungry.”

What did you think of the young interviewer’s efforts to get Obama to move on and stop boring his classmates?



  1. Terry says:

    The name of this site is ‘headlinepolitics’. I fail to see the importance of this article/video as either a headline or politics. If you inserted this to show how self-absorbed Obama is, there really was no need. I long for a site where I can go for facts and not opinions. I am tired of hearing what the left has to say. I am also tired of seeing videos of people on the right ‘putting them in their place’. I grow weary of the Trumpish form of politics where it seems the only goal is getting the upper hand. It’s as though news has become some new form of a reality show rather than presenting the facts and letting people draw their own conclusions. I can’t trust politicians to be truthful and it seems I cannot depend on news agencies to dig out and present cold hard facts. I realize how difficult it is to not allow oneself to become emotionally involved in the issues but if we are to make wise decisions we need to base them on facts and not emotions. Perhaps I have misunderstood the purpose of this site. If it is to entertain and seize every opportunity to make the opposition appear foolish or amoral I’m really o.k. with that. What they say and do angers me as well. However, I want a site which actually reports headline news. Unfortunately, I’ve even grown tired of Fox News headlines because they are always defending their views or the views of those they support. As for the opposing left. Well, I might as well read the Odyssey. I would, however, appreciate it if you could direct me to sites which will give me cold hard facts. Thank you.

  2. Lauren says:

    He wasn’t rude, he respectfully said that he answered the question. If he was an adult that said that, would you rant about how rude he was? I think it’s rude to keep kids waiting to eat, president or not.

  3. Thomas says:

    The student was simply keeping the conversation flowing with some light humor behind it. He was not being rude by any means.

  4. mauinuee says:

    Yahya is the interviewer/facilitator for this “student-run” event. Although he is younger than Mr. Obama, he is still the facilitator. It is his responsibility/role to keep the interview going and to be cognizant concerning the audience (his peers – who may be fidgeting and lost interest). Even adults comment that Obama has a tendency to like hearing himself speak, especially to a captive audience. He wouldn’t hold interest in a flipped classroom full of students who want to be engaged /interactive.

  5. William says:

    being he is a child i think its a bit rude but hey i was raised to respect my elders. Even if they ramble on. Let me break this down for you children out there who do not understand the underlining reason i think he was rude. 1. This is a adult man (president does not matter) who is speaking to a class room of kids. He is taking his time and money (from tax payers) to go to this school and talk. 3. He is trying to answer a question and give advice (which some kids in that audience may actually be listening to) 4. The kids are placing “food” above “respecting” another human being. 5. It is a one time opportunity and lunch happens daily and can be time adjusted. Lastly this is why i think it is rude and why i also believe children should not run the world. lol