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Watch: World War II Vet Goes Sledding


Snow tends to bring out the kid in all of us no matter our age.

The following video offers proof in the form of one Claude Bratcher, who took advantage of a little snowfall in Tennessee to hop on a sled with his dog and get pulled around by an ATV.

What makes this such an extraordinary event?

Bratcher is a 90-year-old World War II veteran.

Via ABC News:

A 90-year-old man is clearly young at heart after taking a wild sled ride Thursday that was all documented on his grandson-in-law’s go-pro.

The video begins with Claude Bratcher, 90, getting lowered comfortably onto the sled. After a dog jumps in his lap, the ride starts up as Bratcher’s son pulls the sled from a four-wheeler.

“It was Claude’s idea,” Bratcher’s grandson-in-law Anthony Smith, 35, told ABC News today. “He’d been watching us sled for about an hour. After an hour he says, ‘Well I think I want to go sled behind the four-wheeler.’ He didn’t want to just sled down the hill, he wanted to sled down the four-wheeler.”

The video shows the sled pulling Bratcher faster and faster as the dog happily runs alongside him in the snow, keeping up almost the entire way.

Bratcher, a World War II veteran, lives “right across the road” from his granddaughter and grandson-in-law, Smith said.

Watch the adventure…

Smith explains that there was little concern since he was pulling the sled at a fairly slow rate.

Why did Bratcher do it?

“Because it was fun,” Smith explained.

What do you think of this World War II vets snow day?