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This is the Only Way Obama Compares to Abraham Lincoln


Barack Obama continually compares himself to Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was a Republican candidate in 1860 who was known as a moderate who could appeal to the West. Obama won his campaigns by creating a sense of hope, change and a better tomorrow. However, many people have seen his signs of hope and change continuing to fade. His approval ratings continue to plummet. And unlike Lincoln, Obama’s promise of working together with Congress has never come to fruition. In fact, more times than not, Obama directly avoids dealing with Congress and has a go-it-alone strategy that is questionable in terms of the Constitution.

With regards to crisis management, Obama is dead last. For every major news story over the last month, Obama has completely fumbled the management and administration of each issue. Russia invading Ukraine, the VA crisis, Border Crisis, Healthcare, Benghazi, IRS Emails – the list goes on and on. Rarely is he fully aware of details and has to rely on news reports to fill him in.

Maybe it’s just because he’s out playing golf.



Comments on “This is the Only Way Obama Compares to Abraham Lincoln”

  1. Dan says:

    You seem to have missed that both Lincoln and Obama were heavily criticized for the failures of their policies by contemporary critics who subsequently were forgotten by history due to their mundane and poorly thought out pundintry and faulty prognostication. But a fine attempt it was, sir.