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Illegal Aliens Are Using These FOUR WORDS To Cheat Our Border System!


Hundreds of illegal immigrants from terror hotspots are using what critics describe as loopholes in U.S. immigration policy to try to remain in the country indefinitely, according to data obtained by Congress. One of those loopholes is crafted by four words — “credible fear of persecution.”

We have so many Muslims smuggled into the U.S. through the borders!  Barack Obama knows this!  We have sleeper cells in every state; Obama is setting us up for a big fall!  I think things are going to hit after he is out of office!

We’ve seen how Clinton wants to further the Obama agenda which also means bringing in over  100.000 refugees a year, so you know she needs to be stopped.

We are just going to go deeper into debt allowing illegals to filter into our country giving them Welfare, free housing and the ability to vote. Americans are not looking at the real picture. We are going to get screwed!

Activists Protest Processing Of Undocumented Immigrants In California Town

From Breitbart:

Illegal Aliens from terrorist hub nations like Egypt, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran and Syria are using a loophole in American immigration policy to get asylum and remain in the U.S. after being caught by border officials.

The illegal aliens are taking a page from the playbook of Central American illegal aliens, particularly unaccompanied children and incomplete families, by claiming they have a “credible fear of prosecution,” according to a Fox News report by William La Jeunesse. Critics of the program claim these, what Customs and Border Protection officers call Special Interest Aliens (SIA), illegal aliens are taking advantage of a loophole in our immigration policies to avoid deportation after capture.

By using the phrase “credible fear of persecution,” these SIAs can not only remain in the U.S., they are then entitled to work permits and are immediately released from custody.

Before 2009, La Jeunesse reported, many of the people seeking asylum at our borders were held in custody until they could make their case in an immigration court. President Obama changed that policy to allow for an immediate release of anyone claiming that “credible fear of persecution.”

Breitbart Texas has reported on many cases where illegal aliens from Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have either been discovered trying to cross through ports of entry or have been captured inside the United States after crossing the border illegally.

Round them all up and deport them.  We can’t account for thousands of foreign students.  We can’t account for thousands of h1-b workers; we can’t account for thousands of people whose visa has expired, and they are off the grid.

The system is BROKE! Until I no longer have to take my shoes off at the airport, we should close our borders and start a process to verify the location and nationality of everybody here.

H/T – Breitbart

What do you think about our government not shutting down this loophole? Can you imagine the problems this is going to cause us as a nation? We all know Obama doesn’t care, or it would have been fixed a long time ago!

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