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Trump Just Threw Cruz, Kasich Under The Bus When He Said THIS!


At a campaign stop in De Pere, Wisconsin Trump mocked Michelle Fields by reading her own statements about the alleged assault by Trump’s campaign manager. Fields put out this statement a few weeks ago that she has been basically manhandled by Trump’s campaign manager.


Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz both said last night they would fire Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, immediately. Kasich said that and then he asserted that he had not even seen the video.

Again, this just shows Kasich and Cruz for what they are… career politicians who care about nothing and no one other than themselves. Trump isn’t going to ruin someone’s life just because the media says he needs too.

I absolutely love how Trump handles himself. If this sort of thing happened to another candidate, any other candidate, regardless of whether or not the charges were even true, that candidate would be done. They would have immediately fired their campaign manager to save face and then gone on the offensive about how they won’t tolerate abuse, being unprofessional, etc.

We hear much about how character matters in our candidates – that’s character, and that’s the type of character we need in a leader of this country.

Watch Trump speak about Cruz and Kasich here:

Cruz’s and Kasich’s responses of immediately firing Lewandowski given the evidence, reveals that they follow the typical “throw someone under the bus” solution to easily avoid difficult situations; not a great quality for a president – the American people have already been thrown under the global bus by this administration and we don’t need to be there again.

Only Trump could weather something like this and not only come out stronger, but also highlight his opponent’s weakness as well.

Trump is truly a man among boys in this election, and he keeps proving it every single day.

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