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Weird World Records You Had NO Idea Existed!


Did you know there’s a world record for the highest jumping guinea pig? Largest Cake Sculpture? Heaviest Cabbage?

Yep, they’re all in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Here are few more weird records you probably didn’t know existed.

Highest bar cleared by a llama: 1.12 meters

Highest bar jump cleared by a llama

Fastest Dog on a Scooter!

Most M&Ms and Smarties eaten in one minute blindfolded using Chopsticks: 20!

Most Smarties/M&Ms eaten in one minute blindfolded using chopsticks

Most Expensive Hot Dog: $169!

Most expensive hot dog

Most Rotations on a Power Drill in one minute! 148!

Most rotations hanging from a power drill in one minute

And THIS BIG ONE that’ll make leftists FURIOUS!

The Largest Working Gun! BOOM! 33 feet long!

Largest working rifle