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Welfare Cheats In Rhode Island Just Got Some BAD News!!

Food stamps cannot legally be wasted on alcohol, or tobacco – which is great news. Except that’s just one welfare program.

Each State has their own assortment of welfare programs, some more restrictive then others. In Rhode Island, cash assistance payments could be used on alcohol, tobacco, and other vices. These “cash” payments are analogous to giving recipients a debit card with a set balance.

All that is going to change however – and believe it or not, it may be because the Democrats in that State had enough.

Legislation long proposed by Rhode Island Republicans to ban the use of public cash assistance on alcohol, lottery tickets and casino gambling is now moving forward under a Democratic banner.

Rep. Arthur Corvese, a North Providence Democrat, is proposing to prohibit welfare recipients from using electronic benefit cards at liquor stores, casinos and adult entertainment facilities.

His bill would also make it a crime for liquor store owners and other affected businesses to accept the cards.

H/T WPRO 630

What a great idea that the Republicans in that State gave them.

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