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West, by God, Virginia Moves To Pass Legislation That Concealed Carriers Will Love!


The West Virginia State House voted this afternoon to legalize concealed carry without a permit, which would make West Virginia the latest constitutional carry state if the bill is passed by the Senate and survives a veto from the governor’s office.

Currently, in West Virginia, it is legal to openly carry a handgun without a permit, but in order to carry a concealed handgun a permit is required.

From Fox News Insider:

West Virginia state house members approved a bill that would make it legal to carry a concealed gun without a permit.

Currently, it’s legal in West Virginia to carry a gun without a permit openly, like in a holster. This bill would let people cover up guns in public without a permit; for instance, under a coat.

People ages 18 through 20 would still need a permit and training under the proposal. The bill also increases penalties for felonies committed with a gun. It now heads to the state Senate.

Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed a similar bill last year over safety concerns from law enforcement.


I’ve been to West Virginia many times and it’s a beautiful place with great people. They believe in concealed carry and they are properly trained from the cradle to use their weapon of choice.

H/T: Fox News

Watch an update on the legislation here:

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