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We’ve Got the PERFECT Image of What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Look Like… It Should Scare You


A friend posted a picture of what appears to be an official campaign van for the Bernie Sanders team in New York City, and it was too good not to share!

What happens to New York, and America at large, if this ultra-liberal is elected President? Lawlessness, apparently!

The van is covered in graffiti thanks to local hooligans who have reemerged due, in no small part, to the breakdown of law and order since ultra-liberal Democrat Bill DeBlasio began his term as mayor. Not only is the van covered in graffiti (wonder if they call it ‘art’?) but it’s also parked illegally too close to a hydrant, endangering the lives of everyone in the buildings surrounding it.

This summer’s issue of the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal devotes a considerable amount of space to describing what the liberal utopia of DeBlasio has turned New York into. Myron Magnet puts it best:

Take a walk around the Grand Hyatt and neighboring Grand Central Terminal these days. It’s often like stepping out of H.G. Wells’s time machine straight back into the 1970s or 1980s. Vanderbilt Avenue, in particular, is becoming once again the urinal of the universe, with one block wall-to-wall “bum stands,” as my son, with childhood inventiveness, used to call them: the stolen supermarket shopping cart, the garbage bag full of scavenged cans and bottles for redemption, the prone figure wrapped mummy-like in a filthy blanket. The heart sinks. It took so much effort by so many people to clear up the human wreckage that so many years of liberal “compassion” had created in a dying New York. And to see it all—I can’t put it any better than the esteemed New York Post—“pissed away” by a mayor not smart or perceptive enough to have learned one thing from the experience of the last 20 years, since his own personal demons have left him stuck in the politics of the 1950s and 1960s, is tragic. It is so hard to build; so easy to destroy.

If Bernie Sanders is elected President, we’re looking at New York’s breakdown coming to a city near you. The disregard for law, order and basic safety that the Sanders’ volunteers exhibit in New York City will go nationwide.

If there’s a better picture of what life would like in a Sanders Presidency, I can’t imagine it!