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Watch What Cleared THIS Mosque In Record Time – This Is Funny!

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A hive of an estimated 20,000 killer bees swarmed and attacked members of a Phoenix area Mosque after they were disturbed by the call to prayer played through large speakers.

More than 20 people were stung multiple times, and one man was hospitalized. Firefighters were called into spray foam on the bees and their hive to quell the attack.

The incident was caught on video with one scene showing several men, wrapped in blankets, running into the back of an ambulance to shelter from the bees… while an EMT stands outside in a t-shirt, seemingly unfazed by the swarm.

‘I don’t know, it was just crazy how everyone was running everywhere,’ he said.

Miming swatting at bees around his head, he continued: ‘They were making some movements like that … some people would even fall in the grass over there and then they’d get up and start running.”

‘I can’t believe they had the whole street blocked off for the bees.’


Watch what happened in this video report:

Truly Nolen Pest Control spokesman Joseph Mikesell said: ‘It’s always a bad situation when you’re talking about Africanized bees because once one bee creates a pheromone which sends off the other bees to attack.’

‘What people just need to understand is they cannot outrun them, they’re not going to sink under water and stay away from them, they’re not going just to knock them off, they need to stay away from them.

‘If you see bee activity, get inside – don’t try and take care of it yourself, contact a professional and let us take care of the situation.’

Good for the bees. They know a barnyard felon when they see one. Now if the ants and cockroaches will follow suit, this plague will go away. How long before the left-wing drive-by news media turns this into some mindless Christian Conservative conspiracy?

So the moral of this story is easy – bees and Muslims don’t mix; too bad it wasn’t a swarm of African killer bees; every mosque should have a swarm!

H/T – ABCNews

This has to be one of the suggestions to help secure our neighborhoods from unwanted mosques and it doesn’t cost anything. Share your opinions (below) and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to share this great story on your Twitter and Facebook timeline.