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What Donald Trump Said about Chattanooga Shootings Just Changed the Game

Donald Trump, currently the GOP front-runner, joined Bill O’Reilly on the “O’Reilly Factor” and reacted to Thursday’s terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN, that killed four U.S. Marines. He slammed the fact U.S. military personnel can’t carry firearms on bases and military installations as “disgraceful” and “ridiculous.”

Trump also said we need better and stronger intelligence to find these radical Jihadists before they can attack. He pointed out Barack Obama won’t even recognize the radical Islamic Terrorist threat we face.

O’Reilly asked Trump about a potential “backlash against Muslim Americans” because of the shooter Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez having Islamic heritage in which Trump did agree to a certain point. Trump then targeted Barack Obama for refusing to identify Islamic terrorism as a threat to the United States.

“If we’re going to fight elements that are causing tremendous problems,” Trump said, “at least we have to start maybe being not so politically correct.”

He believes as many of us believe that terror attacks will only get worse because people don’t respect America or its law enforcement. We need to call out these attacks and rally together as a nation to show our force.

Check out Trump’s interview below:

What did you think of the interview? Think he was spot on? Was Trump right for calling out Obama and how he handles these lone wolf attacks? Share your view below in our comment section and add this story to your facebook or twitter.

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  1. Heather says:

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  2. Karen says:

    Trump is correct, and while many people don’t want to admit it, he calls out the worst of our leaders, their actions and the results of both. I give him kudos for having the balls to speak out and not be concerned about who he offends. It is long past time for that to happen – we need some major doses of NON PC reality, truth and tough talk!

  3. Robert says:

    Trump is a clown and O’Reilly is an entertainer.
    That anybody would consider the opinion of either is hilarious.

    1. Ken says:

      Robert …..speaking of clowns…..where are your baggy pants and red nose….you are an idiot

  4. Sandra says:

    Donald Trump is so so right about Obama, Obama has never been for the good of America and never will. He wants to see us destroyed and this country run by dictators. I believe Trump can stop that, we just need to stand behind him.

  5. utvolsfan says:

    Trump 2016: It is nice to see someone who can’t be bought. Dem & Rep and the media are all going after him. He has them scared.

    1. omaramike says:

      Anyone who has the disapproval of the establishment socialist democrats, the socialist establishment rhinos and the socialist hate America first urine stream media is the candidate I support. I’ll give you a hint it isn’t Alinskyite Hillary (butcher of Benghazi) Clinton. Thief, liar and total prig. It isn’t Bernie communist dupe who has already outlasted his usefulness. And it isn’t Jeb, I’m not sure which side I’m on, Bush. The last and certainly least of the bushes. I am left with three or four very good prospects. Trump. Carson. Fiorina. Walker. Scott Walker is in there because all the establishment types on both sides of the isle wine and cry that Walker doesn’t play nice with they. What better reference can one get. Trump and Fiorina are for obvious reasons. Carson is in my opinion a brilliant man who treasures human life, Is an amazing administrator and innovator. He is not afraid of or very impressed by the politicians or the press and has more knowledge than anyone out there that I know of. Any of these 4 would be very capable. Trump has become my first choice for the very reason that the media and establishment drones are telling you he is wrong. Trump has no concept of PC behavior or speech. I believe PC is the main tool our in country enemies have used to take us out. Since PC behavior is being used to destroy America I feel that PC behavior should be punishable by death. At the very least political and or career death. An irreversible biological death form of career ender.

  6. Jerry says:

    I fully agree with Mr. Trump. We have become so P.C. in this country that it is considered bad taste to call an evil act what it is….. EVIL l!!!! To those of you who are offended by his popularity….my heart does not bleed for you…. Stop whining grow a pair and take a stand on issues that matter.

  7. Richard says:

    It’s all been said before. We just need to quite simply take it all back!!! No one elected will run or save the government. Until we “RID” the world of the elite and bankers like the Rothschild and Bildaberg groups. They need to be eliminated and erraticated. Until then no change. Only suffering.

  8. Rowena says:

    Donald Trump is 100% right!!!

    1. Colleen S says:

      Rowena, so r u

  9. Pam says:

    It’s hard to believe that so many tout Trump as their next American savior! He’s nothing more than a side-show freak with bad hair and a lot of money and would, if he was elected president, immerse us in so many wars that we would never begin to defend ourselves. Do you honestly believe he would be able to treat other countries as he does contestants on his silly show? The blinders that the American people wear as truly amazing.

    1. Ken says:

      Well pam…..wonder how you will look in your fancy new burka, under sharia law……..why don’t you sit back and listen until you have something noteworthy to say….idiot

  10. Eleazar says:

    You guys dont see its the elite that pull the strings and call the shots the Rothschilds Zionist own the federal banks all of them, remember on 9/11 attacks well the Rothschilds got away with $9 trillion in gold bars from the Pentagon robbed us blind. Israel along with The Rothschilds and Queen Elizabeth run this country there the secret government and they are the ones that pull the strings on all these curupt politicians they already have hillary Clinton on the pay roll and Isis is the Mossad from Israel thats you’d terrorists group all this cops killing blacks and latinos is coming straight from the top of the food chain 1 million dollars for what ever cops or white supremacists kill a black or latino so thats why u are seeing more race violence going on the borders are left wide open so more racial tension between whites and colored people build up and thenthat create more violence and death toll goes up then they can implement Marshall law why is this because blacks and mexicans and latinos and native Americans are waking up and gaining knowledge on how our history has been white washed from the real history to nothing bUT lies to justify the cruelty Towards people of color and erased our actual history forced your pagan religions your language your holidays separated families nothing but hate and discrimination against us from whites the system was built to lock us up in prisons so whites can profit off us and not just that you talk about freedom we have no freedom unless we recorded it only whites get rights around here and this American culture is destroying us and our families our water and food is killing us everything FDA approved is bad for us the government hates us people of color uniting so what does the media due try to get blacks and browns to hate each other thru propaganda well we read scriptures and the scriptures tell u who is the edomite devils the red man who calls himself white man all that comes out your mouths is lies and hate all you do is rape and genocide and steal lands and lie more we are the true hebrew israelites the bible speaks of and we will start to wake up in the end of days and we are waking up gaining knowledge in truth and yes its in the bible and YAHAWASHI HA-MASHAICH aka jesus christ was a black man look it up. Your Satan of white jesus is a french man named ceasar borgeiour the they drew in the 1400 used as white supremacy to in slave us

    1. Pam says:

      Wow! Stream of consciousness writing. Too hard to read with no punctuation or sentence breaks of any kind. Sounds like a weird rant to me.

      1. Richard says:

        Sheeple that’s all you got out of what he just said. There’s no punctuation? Government hack! Troll! Your a traitor to our country and someday we will line the streets with your kind. Do you understand that? Is that punctuated enough for your simple mind or do you need flashing colors and pop-up pictures?

      2. Raymond says:

        it is a strange rant and I would like to see some definitive sources to back up this information. Pam, its also sad that in a simple response to a comment you are now going to be “lining the streets” and are a traitor. Asking for a post to be understandable isn’t traitorous by any means. This guy probably would have been more comfortable in Nazi era Germany, I suppose he is waiting on a genocide of some sort of American people with a different mindset of his own? Thats a traitor. Simple minded people are the ones that use words like “troll’, “sheeple”, and defend what appears to be angry conspiracy like ideals crammed into what isn’t even a sentence, Sorry, Richard, that you have the mind of a twelve year old.

    2. Richard says:

      Nice to see you awake my brother. We need to find a way for like minds to merge and be affective locally and regionally

      1. Raymond says:

        Heres some trolling: try to open a dictionary and learn the difference between affect and effect, then maybe move to your next proposed step where you can be more -effective-.

  11. Wink B says:

    Yes Trump is dead on. Obama has made America the laughing stock of the world. What gets me is no one in Washington does not do anything about it. Do we have a capital of fools? It seems Obama is trying his best to push us in to a civil war so he can have marital law. The good blacks and whites and all America needs to come together to take out the trash that keeps stirring the race pot to push there agenda.

  12. Julie says:

    OMG quit pushing Trump as the front runner, too early for a true front runner. And before you vote for the donald. PLEASE PLEASE do your research on his business tacktics and how he made his money. Just start with his casinos where he sucked all the money out and left the buildings go to hell so bad no one would buy them. We really don’t need the big mouth blow hard running this country any farther in the ground than obutthead already has. Don’t listen to his mouth, look as his past, check into how he made his money before they changed the bankruptcy laws. He is typical of a corporation sucker, sucks all the money our and bankrupts or closes the business leaving all the people who worked hard for him up shits creek without a paddle you really want someone like that running the country. For all his big talk what plans has he laid out. You want someone who can really accomplish something take a look at what Perry has done for Texas over the last 14 years. Don’t be sheep and just listen to trump down obama to get on the ballot. After all isn’t that what everyone did when obutthead was running listen to all his bullshit without knowing who he really was and where he came from….. Just exactly what politically has trump ever accomplished….what does his military service record show….NOTHING would be the answer to both !

  13. Sandy says:

    Finally a candidate who says what he truly believes. Has the guts to stand his ground when badgered about it! And someone who REALLY CARES about this country!!! Impressive!

  14. RJ says:

    I am sick of Politically Correct it is just another name for LYING!!! Say what you mean and mean what you say !!

  15. Raiatea says:

    Half of the American citizenry don’t ‘respect our law enforcement’ or the authority of law. Why would foreign terrorists?

  16. Greg says:

    The issue isn’t so much about the military having guns. If you want fully armed soliders and look like we live in North Korea then fine. I think the issue is we knowing let mentally disturbed people walk amount us and then give them access to guns. I am pro gun by the way. Many years ago mentally disturbed people that had violent ways where in institutes and were treated for their problems. Fully armed policemen have been ambushed too. Someone always sees the signs of someone about to go on a rampage but ignores it. I think all sane people should be armed but also educated to know when someone is a risk of becoming violent.

  17. James says:

    Jose– are you here legally? Trump is spot on with how most Americans feel- the silent majority not the less than 10% that say things like Jose–who by the way needs a history lesson as to what the Founding Fathers intended– this country has always been a Christian nation, and before you say it Jose– my family fought in the Revolutionary War.

  18. Bobby says:

    Hey jose if u think Obama so great u and him need to go to Iran!!

  19. Robert says:

    And Donald said/if u have contest to draw Mohammad u egging them on Donald hypocrite

  20. asteineke21 says:

    We are so in trouble if we continue to abuse our country! It’s frightening to watch grown men and women gather around police officers trying to do their job, threatening and video taping every move the authorities make! We have lost respect in so many ways with authority, if we don’t get someone in office that that makes this a priority, we are doomed! Right now we have a president that is using his position to destroy what we have worked so hard for…UNITY! Donald is looking better to me too!

  21. Richard says:

    He is dead on. What about the rest of the family? Should we not deport them? I don’t care if any of them were born here. Send them all out of our country.

  22. Larry says:

    Go Donald. I really think one of the reasons the politicians dont want our military to be armed at home is they know when they remove our freedoms the trained military will not be able to stop them. our founding fathers knew we had to watch out for an oppressive government. Seems like most of our politicians have been bought. Most are millionaires arent they. Seems like that ought to tell us something.

  23. Daniel says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts. Like I have said before. MR. DONALD TRUMP is a person of my liking because he says what he means and means what he says. He largely speaks the truth and he could care less what you think. I BELEIVE very strongly that when he occupies our WHITE HOUSE , he will make it glow and will once again make these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA be respected for what it stands for. MR. TRUMP is really an ASSHOLE and a S.O.B and this is why he is a BILLIONAIRE . He has what it takes to set this NATION UNDER GOD back on the right track. Like him or not, he truly is our next PRESIDENT. Thank you again.

  24. Chuck says:

    No Jose,Not Delusional.Not Racist. A realist. He has the balls to speak his mind. To tell it like it is. Liberal media changes everything around. If you think everyone sneaking across the border is a law abiding person,you are the delusional one. Go hang out by the border in Juarez. Drugs aren’t coming across? Dealers aren’t? Thieves aren’t coming across? Some of them aren’t rapists? Yes he said some are good people but they all lack respect for the law or they would be coming over the right way. Isis isn’t coming across or Taliban? Hezbollah? NO only fine upstanding people! Come the hell on! Who are you kidding?

  25. Will says:

    The “well regulated militias” referred to in the 2nd Amendment are actually the armed horsemen that were conscripted in the south (including ministers) who rode around looking for escaped slaves and were to be ready to prevent slave rebellions each night. This was added at the request of the southern states. This is the context of the 2nd amendment, not protecting oneself from a tyrannical government. It was to ensure white supremacy. Still want to call for open carry? How many black people do you see openly carrying? Why? Because they want to people of color in their place.

  26. Tim says:

    Jose you need to back to Mexico and stay there. You are part of the problem just like are president is. Are forefather stated this great country by write we the poeple. Not we the foreigners. So go and crawl back under the rock you come from

  27. Christina says:

    His corporations have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy four times. So does that make him a successful business man? or just good at playing the system. There is no way he is qualified to be this nation’s Commander and Chief….

  28. Michael says:

    I am soooo glad to see we have someone running for president that actually isn’t scared to speak their mind. All I can say is hopefully Trump or whoever our next president is can undo some of the mess that idiot obama has made.Trump in 16!!!!

  29. Rachel says:

    Donald Trump says it like it is. He is right he needs to call out Obama. I will vote for him. This country needs someone in office that has a backbone. We should be done with being politically correct our country is going to shit!!

  30. Dawn says:

    Yes I agree with his views on this

  31. Timothy Q says:

    I believe Trump would make a great President, he has my vote. We as a nation need someone in office that has the guts to stand up for America, someone who knows business. This day and time news media is so one sided, they are more about ratings instead of truth. The fact that Isis has made threats on our nation, has taken credit for this last shooting and nothing is being said about this. A crazy gunman kills 9 in a church and because a picture shows him holding a battle flag the ban hammer is dropped hard on all things confederate, why not Golds gym he was wearing a Golds gym muscle shirt in the picture. A Muslim has killed 4 unarmed Marines and a cop, but no mention of of this fact. No nation wide outrage against Muslim or Isis. Trump wants to secure the border, something that needs to be done. Maybe that would stop some of the illegal aliens and the murders they are committing after being deported several times. Trump for President

  32. Bud says:

    Mr Trump is correct. He also is in the lead for the GOP nomination because he speaks out and identifies the core problem. Something the average politician will not do.

    Political correctness (what I call Liberal Law) is ruining our country. Obama is an outrage, he lied and deceived to win twice, his limp wristed foreign policy is a disgrace, he cannot even identify the enemy and name it, and his domestic policy is the worst ever in America’s history.

    We need to put an end to liberal rule and PC in our country. Racial profiling works. . use it. .
    If you can’t trust a Marine with a gun, who can you trust.
    Defund sanctuary cities and arrest their mayor and council.
    Ship illegals back to their country of origin, and send their country the bill.

    As for Trump, I will not vote for him until he hires a hair stylist. Can you imagine “The Donald” trying to out icy stare Putin looking like that?

  33. James says:

    The donald will at least tell it like it is, he has my vote and the support of my entire family. How we ever elected obama twice is beyond me. He has set our country back 100 years the worst president we have ever had. He has singly ruined our health care, IRS, foreign relations, the economy, put more people on welfare, created racial tension, increased our deficit, mismanaged the illegal alien problem, divided americans, made our military weaker, stood up for black thugs, do I have to go on what a poor excuse for a leader, but what did you expect from a community organizer..

  34. William says:

    Well if I was in charge every Muslim that committed an attack on our soil would have their dead body dumped in a hole and a hog gutted and dumped in on top of them. Sorry dude…you’re unclean and don’t ever get to see Allah. How many of these televised burials do you think it’d take to stop all this nonsense?

  35. Juan says:

    No I think that with some of the dumb stuff the police have done they’re the ones who have caused the lose of respect and it’s not all of them it’s certain ones.

  36. Taylor says:

    I’m confused. You guys say people lost knowledge and want to getget it back and rally. Okay I agree. But you guys are trusting the wrong people. It’s our governments fault as a whole. Yea Obama has fuxked up quite a few times, but he does not ultimately make every decision. Even if he says no to a law, congress can override his veto and still pass it! If you want to point fingers, point it at the whole picture, not a small corner of it.

    Also, if you want us to progress further as a race, then why are you trusting a racist asshole who publicly called a group of people rapists and pedophile’s. The reason countries don’t respect us is because all they hear about america when it comes to the subject is racism, drugs, obesity, violent and they think we are just one big bully.. If we are going to advance further, Trump is not the way to go. Stop picking parties. They are both equally bad in their own ways. They will always try to keep us dumb and ignorant.

  37. Jake says:

    Well and good for him, but I fail to see how this “changes the game”? They’re pretty much comments you’d expect Mr. Trump to say (and I don’t mean that critically).

  38. Zachary says:

    Trump is spot on. Obama is not doing anything to benefit Americans. He’s simply allowed his ego to do the job. Donald j. Trump should no doubt be president and allow police to be able to enforce for to long blacks have been able to complain about police brutality and eventually get there way no its so bad a cop has no respect because citizens know they can bend the law. But people wonder why were hated

  39. Robyn says:

    No one takes our country seriously anymore. We have become a laughing stock to most. Trump has is right… we need to become intelligent again. We are forced into being politically correct with everything we do and say. He is racially dividing us. What ground we have covered in being as one, he has now made us take 15 steps backward. Obummer is an idiot.

    1. Valerie says:

      He means better intelligence as in information gathered by intelligence organizations like the NSA and CIA, not individual intelligence of Americans. . . although your own comment ironically supports you statement that Americans need to be more intelligent.

  40. Patrick says:

    Americans have lost the “knowledge” and “want” to Rally. It takes Americans as a “whole” to make changes and to stand up to the government. Until Americans rally together as one, you are going to continue to see the fall of this country. One person stands up to the gov’t, he is labeled an extremist. Put 51% of the voting population behind that man, he is a great man.

  41. Sarah says:

    We are at risk for history to repeat itself. We should not allow “national security” to give us an excuse to discriminate against an ethnic or religious population like we did in WWII by placing Japanese Americans into interment camps

  42. Sammy says:


    24 mins · Like

  43. Jose says:

    Obama the Antichrist? LOL Wonder what ISIS is.

    Obama is just enforcing the policy of separation of church and state. Don’t like it? Move to Iran.

    1. James says:

      Jose the problem with our country is not that anyone hates mexicans or any other ethnic group. The problem is they are here illegally and are a drain on every tax payer in America. We can’t blame people for trying to get into our country it is the greatest country on earth. The problem is our government they have not secured our boarders who knows who is really crossing into the USA. If you really take a look at what obama has done to our country one would have to agree that he has put us back a hundred years. I am a veteran and am proud to be american but thats the key if you live here come here legally speack english and love this country, quit sticking up for a cause that doesn’t make sense.

    2. Michael says:

      We have had separation of church and state here, and it has working fine until government started to overstep their boundaries. Now the supreme court is now aiding in obama’s destruction of America. By letting obama care stand then siding with sodamites to allow them to marry.We are vastly getting in worse shape than Iran!

    3. Raiatea says:

      This separation of Church and State?

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” -Declaration of Independence

    4. Julie says:

      seperation of church and state has been so blown out of porportion by morons. It was simply written so THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T TELL YOU WHAT RELIGION TO BELIEVE IN ! Plain and simple, was not written to keep religion out of state but state out of religion and as usual the liberals have to take something so simple and twist it.

    5. Kayla says:

      when did he mention anything about Obama being the antichrist? he didn’t. when did he mention anything about the seperation of the state and church? again, he didn’t. this is the problem with a lot of people in our country. we decide to focus on other problems and ignore the other ones as if they don’t even exist- for example, attacks like this. where this country is headed spiritually and physically are two DIFFERENT concepts. quit bringing up other problems in place of problems that threaten our security.

  44. Ida says:

    These are just a few of the reason or Forefathers told us that we should have a well regulated militia. No disrespect to the police, but they didn’t mean a group of people being paid by the government, as they are ultimately controlled by said government. To dissent, means being fired. I see it all the time in our little town when the officers do not agree with their leader. A well regulated militia, is a group of American citizens, not paid, that come together with their firearms and train for emergencies and are led by morality. They are a supplement for our armed forces in the event a catastrophe happens on American soil. We have become weak in our complacency and misunderstanding of history.

  45. Phillip says:

    Why does our president deal with a country who has some of our people hostage?? I thought we didn’t deal with radical countrys
    who want to kill us because we don’t support ISIS Only our good president would do that.

    1. Samuel says:

      Am not An American citizen ,
      Am a Christian live in Muslim’s country ( Egypt) and I could swear , I never met any Muslim like America ( or let’s say doesn’t hate America and Americans ) .
      It’s better for America to close the door for the Muslims to go and have green card and American citizen …
      Muslims hate you and even if they get American citizen they still hate you and hate America . They just get the citizen to use it bad against America itself .
      And yes I agree That Obama is Anti christ .

    2. Andrew says:

      Hey dummy, you do know that Iran is fighting Isis right?

  46. Tommie says:

    We see what Obama is doing to our country, why havent we impeached him. GET HIM OUT , before he totally destroys us. If you look up the project Jade Helm Obama says that christians, people that can there own food, people that home school..ect, are fhe real threats to America….are you flipping kidding me?!?! So anyone that believes in God and is self sufficiantIis a threat…NO OBAMA IS THE THREAT!! He is the antichrist if you ask me, and why we have not gotten him out of there is beyond me.

    1. JoAnne says:

      I agree Tommie. It is beyond me why we haven’t impeached this man. Looks like we are going to let him bring us down ALL the way until his time is up! He’s a dictator not a President. If he is For America ,I sure haven’t seen it…. We need to all pray for our country!

    2. Samuel says:

      Am not An American citizen ,
      Am a Christian live in Muslim’s country ( Egypt) and I could swear , I never met any Muslim like America ( or let’s say doesn’t hate America and Americans ) .
      It’s better for America to close the door for the Muslims to go and have green card and American citizen …
      Muslims hate you and even if they get American citizen they still hate you and hate America . They just get the citizen to use it bad against America itself .
      And yes I agree That Obama is Anti christ .

    3. Valerie says:

      You are so ignorant it is honestly baffling to me. You actually have no idea what Jade Helm is, so don’t even mention anymore, you’re just embarrassing yourself at this point.

    4. Julie says:

      They haven’t and won’t impeach him because they know if they do his “followers” will make ferguson and baltimore look like a walk in the park only on a national level. Think about it, those people raise hell and burn cities over thugs. What do you think they would do if we impeached obutthead…..

    5. jj says:

      Learn to write and spell before you praise home schooling idiot. Also name one thing Obama has done that FACTUALLY has caused harm. Please show your proof.
      All I see is the strongest economy in recent memory, unemployment cut in half after Bush fucked things up and the US dollar being used by more countries for their currencies ever.
      You hate him because he is black and you are stupid. You believe he is a muslim because people in politics (who themselves know he isn’t) told you so to create the seeds of blame.

  47. Sheila says:

    WOW! I sure like trump now. Game changer for me

    1. Jose says:

      Yeah, I can see how a delusional man who is all about discrimination can be a game changer. Excellent choice.

      1. Dennis says:

        Don’t like the truth about what trump says… move to iran…

      2. Timmy says:

        Discriminate? Affirmative Action discriminates. Hate crime laws are not applied to all races and the lgbt. You are a damn idiot with your rainbow flag the represents lgbt predophikes.
        A radical muslim is a moderate muslim with weopans. This man in Chattanooga was a moderate muslim who decided to murder Americans. So if discrimination is what you call them I back it if it stops the muslim terrorist today. I say deport every damn muslim in the united states . how is that for discrimination? Once again you are a idiot.

      3. jayson says:

        ‘all about discrimination’


        Unless you consider anything critical said about anyone that is not white discrimination…in which case, there’s no helping you.