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Here’s What Happens When You Douse Your Steak in Salt… Wow!


If you’re on a budget but really miss having a terrific steak, you are going to want to check out Cooking With Jack’s video on making a Poor Man’s Filet.

To test out this recipe, Jack got the cheapest slice of meat from the butcher and had it cut in half. This allowed him to do a side by side comparison.

Using only sea salt and allowing it to sit on the steak, Jack ends up with an amazingly tender and very inexpensive piece of meat.

There are many ways to cook steak. I have recently been using a cast iron skillet a lot. It helps speed up the cooking process.


What’s your favorite way to cook your steak? Please share you tips!

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Comments on “Here’s What Happens When You Douse Your Steak in Salt… Wow!”

  1. Innate says:

    the salt dehydrates the meat which creates the ‘grooves’ in the meat. This is the opposite reason as to why the meat curled on the unsalted steak. The heat opened up side and the other stayed closed as it was cooked. And then when it was turned over the upside(cooked side) couldnt break its cooked bond while the underneath opened..

    For Best results, always cook your steak frozen and at a 500* for 20 min a side.