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WHAT? He’s DESTROYED Cities, Killed Thousands, and Japan Grants Him Citizenship?


He’s destroyed Japanese cities, caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage, and killed countless numbers of innocents.

And this week, the government of Japan awarded him with honorary citizenship AND proclaimed him as an ambassador for the Land of Rising Sun.

Life sure is grand for the over-sized plastic puppet known as Godzilla.

In the formal ceremony to honor Godzilla’s award, Tokyo’s city elders asked┬áhim to watch over the people of the city … which might be a bit difficult for the giant monster considering he’s busy filming a sequel to last year’s box office smash titled, not surprisingly, Godzilla.

Are fame and fortune taking their toll on their giant reptile? You be the judge. Critics of last years action flick suggested that Godzilla looks to have a piled on a few pounds, and could be in need of a diet. Take a look at the picture below and tell us what you think in the comments section: