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What Phil Robertson Said About Obama’s Faith Will SHOCK You!


Phil Robertson, proud patriot, Christian, and star of the hit show “Duck Dynasty” isn’t afraid to discuss politics, or his dislike of President Obama! Robertson himself is a proud supporter of Ted Cruz.

During a pre-race prayer for a NASCAR race in Texas Saturday night, Robertson stressed the need to put a “Jesus Man” in the White House, a not so subtle jab at President Obama, who has been very hostile towards Christians during his tenure in office.

From Yahoo Sports :

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson asked for ‘a Jesus man in the White House’ during the pre-race prayer for the Sprint Cup Series’ race at Texas on Saturday night.

Robertson gave the prayer because the family company, Duck Commander, is the title sponsor of the race. Robertson started the prayer with a reference to the Bible and guns. Here’s the prayer in full:

Alright Texas, we got here via Bibles and guns. I’m fixing to pray to the one who made that possible. Father thank you for founding our nation. I pray father that we don’t forget who brought us. You. Our faith in the blood of Jesus and his resurrection. Help us father to get back to that. Help us dear God understand that the men and women on my right, the U.S. military. On my right and on my left. Our faith in you and the U.S. military is the reason we’re still here. I pray Father that we put a Jesus man in the White House. Help us do that and help us all to repent to do what’s right to love you more and to love each other. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Taking Robertson’s words on the surface, the prayer is asking for either Republicans Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich to be elected. All three are professed Christians. Democrat Bernie Sanders is Jewish and Democrat Hillary Clinton, well she’s not a man.

To go a step further, you could also believe that Robertson was praying for Cruz’s chances. Robertson has endorsed Cruz for president and said he wanted people to “Keep your sex right there” when referring to heterosexual marriages at a Cruz rally in February. Robertson was previously suspended from “Duck Dynasty” regarding comments he made about homosexuality to GQ.

NASCAR is the only major sport that regularly has a pre-event prayer. And while Robertson’s prayer became outwardly political, it’s also not unusual for the pre-race prayers to be exclusive to Christianity like his was.

Here’s a video of Robertson’s endorsement of Cruz:

Do you agree with Robertson that we need a “Jesus Man” in the White House? Share your thoughts below!

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