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What This Famous Rapper Did for Baltimore Rioters Will Make You FURIOUS!

How can Jay Z be “quietly” posting bail when his publicist is announcing to Yahoo and other media? Another orchestration…

Dream Hampton, a writer and activist who allegedly worked with Jay Z broke the “secret” in a series of messages on Twitter that she later deleted. She also tweeted that Jay Z and his pop superstar wife Beyonce wrote a “huge check” to support the burgeoning “Black Lives Matter” movement aimed at improving police treatment of African Americans.

Jay Z tweet

Dream Hampton tweets

Maybe Jay Z should help rebuild what the riots tore down instead of bailing out the uneducated idiots that rioted. When will people grow up and stop getting their feelings hurt over words or realize how the media plays people into seeing one side of all stories they report on.



If Jay Z has so much money to burn, maybe he can pick up the tab for the welfare payments to the same thugs he got released from jail. Or maybe he could help the victims of the looting and arson committed by the thugs he got released from jail. The anonymity with which he furnished the bail funds was used because he didn’t want the people who provide his income to stop buying his products. This whole process was a ploy to jack up his image in the black community, not because of any convictions he might have.


When black “activists” and “organizers” complain about the lack of jobs in their neighborhoods, WHO are they expecting to create these jobs? Many of the service oriented and government jobs have already been ceded to affirmative action. Why aren’t rich rappers and other sports moguls putting their money where it could do the most good… by creating jobs.

Other minorities do it daily but you don’t see this happening in the ‘hood. Why not? Protesting and hurling firebombs ain’t working. Once again, a failure to do for themselves. Blaming the man. No leadership. No direction. Jay Z is a joke.

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