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What This Officer Was Caught Doing DESTROYS the Left’s Corrupt Portrayal of Our Police!


Pictures out of Florida are starting to gain widespread notice, as yet another example of the heartwarming propensity of the men and women typical of law enforcement who care about the community they work for. A fact all-too-often lost in the shuffle of the #BlackLivesMatter race hustlers.

Here’s an awesome story that shows police officers recognize that #AllLivesMatter… even those we pass by every day on the streets who have fallen on hard times.

Seems Sgt. Erica Hay of the Ocala Police Department noticed a man down on his luck, and decided to not only buy him some breakfast… but sat down to enjoy it with him.

Via Fox News Insider:

Heartwarming photos of a Florida police officer sharing a meal with a homeless man have gone viral.

TiAnna Greene posted the images of the pair on Facebook, writing “I don’t know this officer, but, I admire her today and everyday. It appeared that she purchased this gentleman’s breakfast and decided to sit down and have breakfast with him.”

The Ocala Police Department identified the officer in the photos as Sgt. Erica Hay, who said she noticed the homeless man while she was on her way to get breakfast.

“We’re not a large community so I know most everybody, especially the homeless in the area, but I didn’t know him,” Hay told TODAY.com. “He was just there by himself alone, so I just grabbed food and went back to eat with him. Nobody wants to eat alone… I like eating with anybody.”

Here are the photos which were posted by Greene on Facebook:




The woman who initially posted the pictures said she wanted the police officer to know that “it touched me and I’m pretty sure it touched that gentleman.”

She added, “It helped my daughter understand that not all police officers are bad, that there are good people in all positions.”

A fact often lost on race-baiters in today’s media.

Sgt. Hay is pictured below courtesy of the Ocala Police Department.


Comment – What do you think of this officer’s simple, yet heartwarming act of kindness? Do you know of any positive stories involving police officers in your community?