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What This Poll Shows about Donald Trump’s Border Idea IS Eye Opening!


Those who try to explain away the popularity of Donald Trump by saying he’s too blunt and he disregards political correctness are missing the big picture… especially when it comes to Trump’s stance on immigration. A poll by YouGov shows that when it comes to building a fence at the Southern U.S. border, everyone agrees. Even Hispanics.

As HotAir summarizes, 64% of all Americans support a secure border with Mexico. To break down the demographics further, 54% of blacks support it, as do 49% of Hispanics (10% are unsure). There wasn’t any trickery with the question, which was simply “do you support or oppose building a fence on the border with Mexico?”

To really show how Trump can leverage this information for his presidential campaign, there is another unlikely group that also supports a border with Mexico: Democrats. Surprisingly enough, a slight majority (44% for vs. 43% against) support a border with Mexico.

If so many agree with Donald Trump, how can the media derail him as a divider? Because… it doesn’t fit their agenda!

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