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What Trump Did Before The Wisconsin Primary Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD - MARCH 6, 2014: Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Just the other day, I was mentioning to a friend how Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich were asking each other to get out of the race while Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner, has been chugging along in the top spot. It now seems as things are tightening and Trump might have changed his game plan to a more invested candidate by telling Kasich to get out of the race.

Cruz and his followers for the last few weeks have been yelling for the Ohio Governor, who has only won his home state, to depart the race and allow the two outsiders to fight for the 1,237 delegate threshold needed to clinch the “golden fleece” but Kasich isn’t budging.


From The Blaze:

A frustrated Donald Trump on Sunday called for John Kasich to drop out of the Republican presidential race, arguing that the Ohio governor who’s only won his home state so far shouldn’t be allowed to continue accumulating delegates if he has no chance of being the nominee.

Working to recover his edge after a difficult week, Trump said Kasich could ask to be considered at the GOP convention in Cleveland in July even without competing in the remaining nominating contests. Trump told reporters at a Milwaukee diner that he had relayed his concerns to Republican National Committee officials at a meeting in Washington this past week.

“He’s taking my votes,” Trump said about Kasich.

Kasich’s campaign tried to flip the script, contending that neither Trump nor Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would have enough delegates to win the nomination outright going into the convention.

“Since he thinks it’s such a good idea, we look forward to Trump dropping out before the convention,” said Kasich spokesman Chris Schrimpf.

And Kasich, in an earlier interview with ABC’s “This Week,” said he expected an “open convention” and that delegates would look to him, with experience in Congress and the state level. “That’s why I think I’m going to be the nominee.”

Trump’s declaration, two days before Wisconsin’s closely watched primary, came as Republican concerns grew about the prospect of convention chaos if Trump fails to lock up his party’s nomination — or even if he does.

Behind Cruz in the polls in Wisconsin, Trump faces the prospect that a loss Tuesday will raise further doubts that he can net the needed delegates, making it far easier for his party to oust him in a floor fight at the July convention.

Kasich isn’t going to win another state, but thinks he will be the nominee? Under that scenario, why doesn’t Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or any of the others who won more come back too? A brokered convention is a brokered convention after all. And Kasich will once again wind up last.

When Cruz seemed to beg Kasich to get out, his followers turned into savage beasts against him online, and now I’ve seen some of those same supporters call Trump a crybaby. You can’t have it both ways people and think people are going to respect you.

What do you think Kasich should do? Stay in the race or get out, drop us your opinions (below) as we love to hear from you and add this to your social media wall for discussion.

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Comments on “What Trump Did Before The Wisconsin Primary Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!”

  1. Margaret says:

    Kasich should be ashamed of the stubborn little kid attitude he is showing and get the Hell out gracefully! He’d still have the same chances he has now and wouldn’t look like such an ass.