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Here’s What Would Happen if Only Taxpayers Voted


Perhaps the only thing better than Donald Trump’s victory has been the reaction from liberals. For the past two days, my entire Facebook feed has been dominated by the mental breakdowns of the people I went to high school and college with.

Honestly – it’s all pretty hilarious.

They shouldn’t be blaming their fear on Donald Trump – they should be blaming it on a media that made them think they needed to fear him in the first place. A number of my friends have been circulating a map that shows what the electoral map would’ve looked like if only millennials could vote. Since the youth have always leaned Left because they haven’t grown up yet, to little surprise, such a map shows Hillary dominating.

To that I say – thank God it’s not only millennials who can vote.

It’s no surprise they lean left. They’re just starting out at the bottom of the economic ladder, and they’d benefit the most from other people’s money. Speaking of which, want to know what the electoral map would look like if only taxpayers could vote?


You know, if I had to pick one – I think I know who I’d want to vote.

Wouldn’t this be nice? Too bad it’ll never happen! If you’re a taxpayer, get the word out and share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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Comments on “Here’s What Would Happen if Only Taxpayers Voted”

  1. Matthew says:

    What if you had to have a college degree to vote? You can put all sorts of what ifs, but that isn’t how it works.