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It’s A Fox! It’s A Dog! It’s A….Pomsky?


You know we love cute animals here at Headline Politics. We usually feature animals we’ve all seen before; puppies, polar bears, etc. But never before have we featured a Pomsky.

What is a Pomsky? Let’s find out.

Via Mashable:

Mya the Pomsky is a mix between a cute, fluffy Pomeranian and a lythe, noble husky. She’s also, quite possibly, the most magically beautiful dog in the world.

Her gorgeous visage was admired by several Redditors on June 2, which led everyone to her dedicated Instagram page.

In addition to being perfectly photogenic, Mya also loves to swim, hike in the mountains with her human and eat bananas.

Mya’s first snow storm. The picture explains itself 🐶❄️ #17inchesofsnow

A photo posted by Mya The Pomsky (@myathepomsky) on

Would you get a Pomsky? I would, except it would definitely frighten my neighbors! They would think it’s a fox!

In less happy news. Who would do this to a dog? Throw them in jail!

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