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What’s This? A Democrat Is Actually Praising George W. Bush for Something HUGE!


Whoa! It’s not every day you hear a staunch Democrat operative take a stand on behalf of President George W. Bush.

But that’s exactly what happened aboard Air Force One when Donna Brazile, a Louisiana native who served on the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Recovery Authority in 2005, told reporters that W. got an undeserved bad reputation over his response to Hurricane Katrina.

“Under President Bush’s leadership,” she declared, “we got it right.”

“The president made a commitment and I think he kept his word,” she added, explaining that Bush had earmarked $120 billion for rebuilding affected communities in New Orleans, despite opposition from his own party.

Via The Hill:

Donna Brazile, a prominent Democratic political operative, praised President George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina on Thursday, just hours before President Obama’s speech in New Orleans marking the storm’s 10th anniversary.

Brazile, a Louisiana native, has applauded Bush’s Katrina response before. But she made her latest comments on board Air Force One while flying to the Big Easy with Obama, who has previously criticized his predecessor’s handling of the storm recovery.

“Under President Bush’s leadership, we got it right,” she told reporters.
Another member of the Louisiana Recovery agreed with Brazile saying, “George W. Bush… gets a bum rap, but he cared about the city deeply and so did Laura Bush.”

Naturally, our current President couldn’t help but shred his predecessor by calling Katrina a natural disaster that morphed into a “man-made disaster.”

He called it a “failure of government to look out for its own citizens.”
Something even his own supporters, like Brazile, have revealed is untrue.
Comment: Do you think George W. Bush gets a bum rap over Katrina that he doesn’t deserve?



  1. Paul says:

    He will ultimately go down as one of the good ones. Unlike obummer he’s a bum now and hell be a bum 25 years from now.

  2. Mark says:

    the real blame was on the now former governor and also the mayor. Hundreds died so they could play anti Bush politics.