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Did This “Wheel Of Fortune” Guest Throw A Round So Her Fellow Vet Could Win? You Decide

Wheel Of Fortune

A guest on Wheel Of Fortune named Nura Fountano may have intentionally thrown a round so that her fellow vet, who hadn’t won any money up until that point, could win.

At least that’s the theory of some people who saw the round, as Nura made some incredibly ridiculous guesses on a couple of occasions, and passed on other attempts, eventually allowing a vet named Steve to win some cash.

Nura’s responses, such as calling for the letters ‘Z’ and ‘X’, caused host Pat Sajak to double check with her to make sure he had heard correctly.

Via Fox News Insider:

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak was left stumped, along with many viewers on social media, when a contestant made some unheard-of guesses during the lightning round.

Nura, playing alongside fellow service members during the show’s Veterans Week, raised eyebrows when she guessed “Z”, “X” and then just passed entirely.

But it was after the puzzle had been solved and all three veterans walked away with some cash that Sajak flat-out asked her what she was thinking.

“May I ask you a question?’ Sajak asked. “You called some unusual letters in that round?”

Nura responded, “That’s what I saw.”

Sajak surmised that this was an “unsatisfactory answer” which also led people on social media to speculate she had thrown the round.

Did Nura throw the round to let a fellow vet win some money?  You decide…

Both game shows Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy! celebrated Veterans Day by having all veterans as participants for the week.

Comment:  Do you think Nura lost the round on purpose to allow her fellow vets a chance to win?



  1. Barbara says:

    If that’s what was in her heart to use that vehicle of winning to help those Vets! HOOAH! Go girl! RIP Daddy, USMC, L.Cpl. Korea. age 16 he went into the Merchant Marines to be an oiler on a Merchant ship and Okinawa and the Philippines where he saw some HORRIBLE things being done to Soldiers and pregnant women. Then came back and went into the Marines at age 18. He had PTSD before it was officially a Vet’s disease. I have it now from my life events. Good for her! Proud of her! That’s what I tried to years ago – share the wealth and avoid a heavy massive lawsuit with some Intellectual Property but was looked at like I was a monster the way I did it. Oh well, you just can’t fix stupid. They all think alike.

  2. Jim says:

    Now that is how our races need to work with each other love this woman for what she did see people black and white are all the same color We all bleed red

  3. Ronald says:

    Sounds like the spirit of fair play. She had plenty of money to still win, and there was another contestant who also could have answered it correctly.

  4. Walter says:

    She is a beautiful lady with a caring heart. May God bless Nura all the days of her life.