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When America Forgot What Memorial Day Was About, These Vets Vowed to Remind Everyone


It seems many people have forgotten the significance of Memorial Day. Memorial Day is not about barbequing or getting the day off from work. It’s about sacrifice. Plain and simple.

Imagine donating your life to your country and realizing how many of your own countrymen have forgotten the meaning of this military holiday.

Well, these patriots are launching a mission to remind Americans what May 25 is all about. A group of veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq are coming together to climb the tallest peak in North America, Mount McKinley, by this Memorial Day. As they make the rigorous trek, they will be carrying two flags with names written on them in remembrance of those killed in service. One flag will hold the names of every Navy SEAL killed since 9/11. But they need your help in adding more names to be honored.

Please visit the cause’s page and submit any name of a loved one lost in service. Together, with your help, they will take Memorial Day back!

H/T: Rare