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When Her Son Wouldn’t Straighten Up in School, This Mother Called in For Backup!

A Georgia mother got some help from police parenting her misbehaved son in hopes of “scaring him straight.” Chiquita Hill said her son Sean was being disrespectful to his 5th grade teacher at school and refused to do his work.

After a few weeks of this behavior, Hill said she called police for some parenting help.

According to WTVM, officers agreed to help. Police showed up at the Hill family’s door, put the boy in handcuffs, put him in the back of a squad car and flashed the lights.

Hill said she didn’t know what they said to him, but when they were done, he ran out of the car, gave her a hug and apologized.


Honestly, what I see here is a mother who loves her son. Parents say they love their children but then let them do what ever they want and condone it by saying they a free spirit and are just expressing themselves. That is bull crap. You are teaching your children to disrespect others and are not teaching them values they can use in the real world. That’s not love, that’s being lazy, indifferent or just plain not caring because that is how you were raised. Tough love is hard, a lot harder than ignoring them.

However, some on social media were playing Monday morning quarterback and didn’t like the method mom used:

Not everyone can fit into the “cookie cutter” ideas of today’s liberal minds. Sometimes you have to do what’s best for your own little family unit. If that includes reaching out to police to let an out-of-control kid hear some hard facts about where he/she is headed if they don’t straighten up, then so be it. The kid wasn’t damaged. He’ll live and probably grow up to be a truly good kid.


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Comments on “When Her Son Wouldn’t Straighten Up in School, This Mother Called in For Backup!”

  1. Vickie says:

    My friend called the police on her 14 year old. They took him out in handcuffs and he laughed about it.