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When Miley Cyrus Ripped Christianity, Bristol Palin Completely DESTROYED Her With THIS!

Earlier this week, pop music’s latest train wreck, Miley Cyrus, took some cheap shots at Christians, saying “those people [shouldn’t] get to make our laws,” and adding that anyone who takes Bible stories literally is “f***ing insane.”

Cyrus also referred to her own parents as “conservative a** mother f******.”

All of these insults were hurled after Cyrus proclaimed she is the “least judgmental person ever.”

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Enter a voice of reason, Bristol Palin.

Palin took to Facebook and shredded Cyrus for her religious criticisms.

Via Bristol Palin:

Is it just me or does it seem more than a little fake that someone claiming to be accepting of everyone and everything would spew such judgment towards her own parents and their deeply held religious beliefs?

She wants everyone else to let her be “free to be Miley,” but seems unwilling to offer the same respect to her parents and those who wish to live out their Christian faith.

Oh, Miley. Thanks for giving us the best example of what “tolerance” looks like in Hollywood: it looks a lot like contempt.

Meanwhile, let this sink in. This person has the audacity to call anybody ‘f***ing insane.’




Comment: Is Bristol Palin correct? Is Miley Cyrus just another in a long list of Hollywood liberals who preach acceptance but spew intolerance?



  1. Troy says:

    Of all the important issues in this world and this is a story about 2 individuals no one would have ever known exist if it had not been for the notoriety of their parents. This is a waste of my web space.

  2. Julie says:

    Go Bristol!

  3. John says:

    I’m still looking for the “completely destroyed” part. Miley has a valid point. Conservative lawmakers need to learn how to separate church and state. If you don’t see this you are oblivious to the America that we currently live in.

  4. Paul says:

    Miley is 22 years old. Let that fact sink in. She still has some growing-up to do, but then who didn’t at that age? Bristol is not much better. Unwed mother of two. Who really cares what these two, immature people think? We have more important problems, as a country and as individuals to be wasting our time with them.

  5. Jeanne says:

    Miley is rather disgusting to me but then Bristol preaches abstinence but is pregnant again out of wedlock. Guess she can’t keep her legs together. Maybe she needs to rethink birth control or heaven only knows how many bastard kids she will have. She needs to tell Huckabee sex is not just for procreation but as Jesse Ventura said if God intended it just for that why did he make it feel so good!!

  6. judyb says:

    Unfortunately in today’s social media age, every time Ms. Cyrus’s name comes up it is good publicity for her. No matter if it is good or bad, we are guilty of giving her what she wants..attention! And sadly, no matter how each of us feel about her (for the record I am NO fan of hers), as long as she trending she is going to continue to stay around. And with that her behavior will continue to get (much) worse. She set the bar for inappropriate behavior very high for herself not long after she dropped Hanna Montana. That being said, and I don’t care what religion anyone is, the point that is missing here is personal responsibility. Christianity, just like EVERY other religion, exists on a continuum, with the vast majority in the middle focusing on taking responsibility for their own behaviors and trying to make the next right decision that will result in positive/healthy consequences. The rest are at the 2 extremes passing judgement on others (usually because they don’t want to look at their own behaviors). If each of us is taking responsibility for our own choices and each day we try to do something (big or small) that will help our neighbors, then there is little time or energy left to pass judgement on anyone.

  7. Mari says:

    Miley used to be girl teens could look up to. Now she’s so trashy. But I blame it in part on the people like us who sit here and rip her to shreds. I agree with Bristol this time. But I would like to remind everyone that back when Miley was still trying to portray herself in a respectable manner people found fault in every less than perfect move she made. She posed for photos that were classy and in no way innapropriate and people attacked her because she was wearing a sheet and nothing more (nevermind that every part of her that needed to be was covered and she was in no way engaging in sexual or innapropriate poses). Then after that there was always something: asians offended by silly face she and her friends made in some pics, photos of her that were typical of stupid teenage girls and were never meant to be public, and so on. I feel like she grew tired of being trashed for being human and no one appreciated that she was trying to set a good example because they were too busy trying to find dirt on her. So like a lot of young people she developed the attitude that she was gonna do what she wanted and screw everyone else. Yes it’s a bad attitude but you can pick a person apart to the point that you actually turn them into the opposite of what you want them to be.

  8. Karen says:

    Miley Cyrus is beyond disgusting! I have no words that explain what a pathetic lowlife she is. What a message to send out to people! Makes me so sick.

  9. Sheila says:

    Total disgusting.

  10. Igor says:

    Miley is totally insane, nasty, and bitter. She is pushing really hard to make herself repulsive, it is part of her self-destructive personality, and the worst part is that she is succeeding. Good luck!

  11. Bill says:

    She is gross

  12. Sharon says:

    Bristol Palin is just a ‘cleaned up’ Miley. Miss Palin is a disgrace and frankly not a spoke person for anything ‘christian’. Bristol just needs to be quiet and crawl back into the backseat of the car she came out of. Her mom is an outstanding person and Bristol disgraces her. Sarah has to be the most tolerant person there is ….being as she has had to TOLERATE the low-life behavior of her daughter. I can’t stand either one of them…Miley or Bristol. Like I said….2 peas in a pod just one of them has more clothes on. ??JUST SAYING

  13. Nicole says:

    She’s totally right about Miley. Bristol Palin is no Saint but she also didn’t say she accepts everyone and doesn’t judge people as Miley did and then in the next breath trash her parents and Christianity.

  14. [email protected] says:

    And bristal Palin has kid out of wed lock

  15. Pat says:

    I am not a Bible thumping person of faith but do I believe in God, Yes sir I do… So with that out of the way… Miley is just a “Freak show” and the more attention she gets, the worst she is. I bet if you asked her God mother Dolly Parton what she thought now of this person she would probably be ashamed of her as so should her parents… Out of control & strung out on Drugs…. Stop talking about her & maybe she will go away

  16. Shawnee says:

    Christians are intolerant of gays, democrats, transgendered, and atheists. I’ve heard them wish they would burn in hell for eternity. Miley is against the kind of bigotry and hatred Christians spew. The big difference is: Miley Cyrus just talks and sings about it.., Christians are making RULES that legally enforce their bigotry, like banning gay marriage, allowing businesses not to serve people it “doesn’t agree with” because it “goes against their values”. We non-Christians are sick of having one religion make rules for us and try to push their fairy tale and it’s accompanied “morals” on us. You can be as Christian as you want, but I’m not, and apparently neither is Miley and a growing segment of society. Her anger is justified, while Bristol Pslin and her right wing mom want access to your bedroom so they can tell you who you can marry, and wag your finger at you for doing certain things, or things with the same sex, and if you get pregnant, she’ll beg you not to have an abortion, but SHE won’t adopt your kid cause he’s only half white. I didn’t like Hannah Montana, but I like Miley Cyrus.

    1. Steven says:

      That is all very delusional and hateful. I could refute it point by point, but instead I feel called to pray for you, that you might see the light and have peace.

  17. Jayme says:

    The worst part is that she once claimed to be a Christian herself, just a few years ago (on Ellen).

  18. Sharinlite says:

    Miley is just that rarity: a “celeb” that doesn’t hide what she really is…majority hide their lib viewpoints because they need our $$$….Miley is just a sick soul doing the nasties to get attention…but, she’s failed and dues will have to be paid.

  19. Joanna says:

    I think Bristol is only doing the same exact thing back, so how is she any better? So many people think that because they don’t agree with someone’s way of like that they have the right to bash them. They were both wrong, how immature that Bristol is bashing her back. I don’t agree with Miley having said what she said because it offernded people but I also don’t agree with Bristol judging Miley.
    The way someone lives is really not anyone’s business unless it directly affects them, so many people are saying “she needs prayers” “she’s going to hell”.. I’m sorry are you Jesus? No, so don’t sit here act like you are.

  20. Poppa says:

    Totally agree…anyone that believes in Fairy Tales should NEVER be allowed to makes Laws for the rest of us….anyone that believes in a over 2000yrs old book & then trys to live by it…can’t be to brite….. those are just stories from a world long gone…

  21. Matt Smith says:

    Her point about Christian legislators is fair enough when you take into account that there are states which intentionally confuse scientific and religious teaching. Teaching creation in a religious class is fine but teaching creation in a science class is obscene.

    I’m a bit staggered by some of the vitriolic commentary on this site. Do any of the people offering such angry opinions profess to be Christian? If so, I think you’re doing it wrong – I don’t remember the bit where Jesus said: ‘Be sure to direct lots of hatred to silly young women because God really likes that’.

    1. Eva says:

      Matt Smith: You response is well thought out and stated. The one thing I would address is that Christians are not all alike. Christians are just ppl. in varying degrees of maturity and learning. None of us come close to the perfection of our Lord. Do not judge Christians in the same way you do not want Christians to judge others. On a whole I believe we strive to live “better” lives with a purpose to do good. Good of course is a relative term. Contrasted with ISIL which seems to strive for evil and all that that entails. You see like a great person. Like reading your posts. God Bless!

  22. Kara says:

    Poor little thing is going to regret all that nasty one day.

  23. Sue says:

    She needs prayer and intervention. I know she wants to do her own thing but she is on the road to Hell unless she turns her life around. I am not judging her. God will do that. Just pray for her. I don’t know how her parents can stand it.

  24. Chris says:

    bristol is way hotter than Miley virus anyway go bristol tell that nasty thing were to go

  25. Jasper says:

    Miley Cyrus is not Crazy she is a member of the Satanic Church of Hollywood and the reason she has her tongue out is because that is a sign of a Pictular Demon …. Allegedly..

  26. Linda says:

    Miley needs our prayers so much, more then she needs insults. It is so sad to watch her be so full of demons. I pray God will release her from satan!

  27. Diana says:

    Miley is just out to make a name for herself, she doesn’t really have the maturity to know or understand how stupid she acts or looks. She is just someone who needs attention and we keep giving it to her by letting her appear on TV, I really liked her on Disney but now she is just embarrassing and negative. I feel for her parents who have to go through this stage with her and yet still love her to the moon.

    Thanks Bristol for standing tall!!!!

  28. Robert says:

    Who is Miley Cyrus? The one with the ugly tongue? Looks mighty unhappy being herself.

  29. Jeff says:

    A female Jabez Stone. Question is, you’ll be her Daniel Webster?

  30. Wendy says:

    Miley ia a diagrace to her parents and discusting, nasty person to the public! Anyone who accepts the things she says and does is no better than she is! She needs to be banned and her parents should take her to church! Makes you wonder what went so wrong to make her this way! Horrible to say the least!

    1. PD says:

      Absolutely Christian behavior….I guess you missed the WWJD class?

  31. Don says:

    Miley is another sad, pathetic skank. She’ll eventually crash and burn, like the majority do.

  32. Stanley says:

    Fortunately for the US, not many people care what the slut cyrus says or does.

  33. Jossie says:

    Whatever comes out of Miley Cyrus mouth is just crap. Her brain is fog with marijuana…she is just another person who will say anything or do anything to get attention!!

  34. James says:

    Miley may have been cute at one time, but not anymore. Jesus Christ was the most accepting and loving person the world has ever seen, yet she holds those who follow him in such contempt. I will pray for her poor soul.

  35. Sarah says:

    bristol is right! but it goes both ways. so many people judge miley and say things about her being crazy and nasty and insane. i’m sure i have said similar things bout miley at some point. but talking negative and insulting about someone is a bad habit to get into. instead of calling her a name and tearing her down, say a prayer for her. if you can, stop and really think about what you’re saying or typing about someone. if its something negative, just forget it.

    1. Linda says:

      I so agree Sarah..

  36. Misty says:

    Miley doesn’t realize that her mouth is going to be her down fall

  37. Heidi says:

    She is so nasry who would want that yuk ,ty Pristol you are right on the money with that coment

  38. Ugggg. No wonder Liam Hemsworth left her nasty self! Look at her tongue. She might ought to go to the doctor and get that thing checked out. No telling where it’s been.

  39. Candy says:

    heck yes she is…

  40. Forrest says:

    A part of me feels very sorry for Miley Cyrus. She is so bent on self destruction in order to break away from the norm and make a name for herself. She must be a very unhappy young woman. She is totally caught up in Satan’s lies.