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When the Numbers Don’t Add Up in Her Favor, This Progressive Writer Plays the Race Card

Greg Abbott (R) beat Wendy Davis (D) by a landslide in the Texas governor’s race on Tuesday – a huge blow to progressives who idolized Davis, a pro-abortion, feminist hero. Davis even lost amongst her target demographic – women voters – only getting 47% of the women’s vote.

But Salon writer Jenny Kutner refuses to accept this fact, and instead plays the race card.

She writes:

The Tribune cited CNN exit polls to illustrate the landslide, saying Abbott “beat Davis by lopsided margins with white voters (72-27), men (65-34) and women (52-47). Davis beat Abbott among Latinos (57-42) and African-Americans (93-7).” Last time I checked, though, there were thousands upon thousands of women in Texas considered Latina and African-American — what about their votes?

As RH Reality Check’s Andrea Grimes reports, their votes were solidly in Davis’ favor: 94 percent of black women and 61 percent of Latinas voted for her. Only 32 percent of white women did. That’s certainly not enough women to say that Abbott won the whole gender.


Davis lost women 52-47. 52 is a larger number than 47. The combination of votes from women of all races favored Abbott over Davis. This is simple math.

Liberals no longer count one woman’s vote as one women’s vote – they count one women’s vote as one women’s vote from a certain race. When they don’t win, they point fingers and deny math.

Please share this story if you think liberals will stop at nothing to spin tales in their favor.

H/T: NY Mag


Comments on “When the Numbers Don’t Add Up in Her Favor, This Progressive Writer Plays the Race Card”

  1. Kenny says:

    This makes me chuckle…. albeit it’s actually quite pathetic.

    You lost already. Now pick up the pieces and move on with your life.