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When They Registered for a Class, Two Strangers Never Expected How God Would Come Into Their Lives!


When these two women decided to take an adult education class at Columbia University, they had no idea their lives were about to change forever. Katy Olson, 34, and Lizzie Valverde, 35 enrolled in a non-fiction writing class at the prestigious Columbia University in Manhattan. That’s not normally the kind of place you see God’s hand, but they did.

On the first day of classes, the professor assigned a task that is not normally shared in a standard University classroom: both women were asked to tell their life stories. When Valverde told her story, something in Olson’s mind clicked. After class, she approached the woman and said “I think we’re sisters.”

Valverde had no idea she had a sister, or that she had been looking for her for years until the moment she stood in front of her. As the sisters now prepare for graduation this May they spent time with their biological mother for the first time together.

What were the odds? The two sisters were interested in writing, were able to gain entry into Columbia University and decided to take a class in their 30s, choosing the same class out of dozens of possible writing choices that semester. NBC New York explains just how close the call was. “Valverde had registered for the class on the last possible day, and then only made it to the first class with a minute to spare because of traffic.” If Valverde had not made it to this first class whereupon students told their life stories, she might have unknowingly sat next to her sister all semester, not realizing their connection.

Some may think it was coincidence that brought these sisters together. For the faithful though, it’s clear that nothing less than the hand of God appeared that day.

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