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When Vets Told Him His Dog Would Die Just Like Her Siblings, He Did Something Amazing!

All we have is the moment. And this man made the most of that.


Dave Meinert is the lucky owner of Pegasus, a dog he rescued as a puppy from a backyard breeder. Pegasus has been to several vets, all of whom gave grim assessments for her lifespan. All her brothers and sisters had died as puppies and Meinert was told she wouldn’t live either. The best they could do is tell him that if she did live, she’d go blind and deaf.


None of that mattered to Meinert who decided they would make the absolute best of the time they had together. Every single day of Pegasus’ life, he filmed her. And the result will simply make your heart swell with emotion. Watch their journey together (below) unfold before your eyes.



H/T: BuzzFeed

There’s no telling how long Pegasus will live. But the same can be said for of any us. All we have is today – let’s make the most of what we have like this incredible pair!

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