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When You See How These Tourists Disrespected WWII Veterans, You’ll Be INFURIATED!


Washington D.C. was built on former swamp land. During the summer months you definitely feel like it’s still a swamp. The heat and humidity can become unbearable at times, especially for tourists not used to the climate. At the same time the city is drowning in humidity, it is also experiencing a tourism rush due to summer vacations of America’s school children and their families. The combination leads to a lot of misery.

That said, there is no excuse for what we often see take place at the WWII Memorial, which is a beautiful fountain surrounded by pillars. Honor Flight DFW’s historian Bill Croom posted about something taking place there that he couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. He originally wrote,

I almost didn’t post this. I’m not sure this is recent but I know I’ve never seen the photo. I’ve been to the memorial many times, I’ve never seen this happen.

Some might say “My taxes built this I can do what I want.” No tax dollars were used in the building of the WWII Memorial.
The way we feel at HFDFW about the World War II Memorial this is utterly disgraceful. It’s almost up there with the tourist making the obscene middle finger gesture and yelling at the ‘Silence’ sign at the Tomb of the Unknown last year. Not quite but you get the picture. Her picture is still showing up on the internet from time to time.

“Tourists from Hell” this might be titled.

After the post was shared over 1,000 times he edited it to read,

Thank you.

I’ve seen the vast outpouring of emotion on this subject and frankly I’m pleased to see that so many people care. This has certainly struck a cord with a lot of people.

I’d like to change the tone of this post to one of reverence and respect for our WWII veterans however. Hopefully this post will be a learning tool for all of us to stop and think of what these memorials (including the Korean and Vietnam War) really mean to us. They are places to pause and reflect. Quiet contemplation for veterans, families and friends.

Also, every part of this particular memorial has a meaning. Each column represents a state and territory, the end pieces represent the Atlantic and Pacific theaters and the pool is one of remembrance and like the rest of the memorial honors the sacrifice that 16 million people made during World War II.

Lets honor our veterans by honoring their sacred memorials.

Comment below: How would you react if you saw tourists doing this at the WWII Memorial?



  1. LaRae says:

    The parents of these people are not doing their job if these kids are doing this kind of crap, the liberal college professors are encouraging this kind of disrespect. If you see it please don’t ignore it and walk away, please speak up and educate them as best you can of how disrespecting this is, and how these soldiers died for the very rights of others.

  2. Lucille says:

    It’s Unbelieveable how stupid some people can be! Can’t they read the sign! Plainly says…NO WADING!!!! Morons!

  3. Keith says:

    Where is your honor dirtbags? You people are an absolute disgrace! You’re not fit to be called Americans! This is a place of HONOUR and RESPECT! It commemorates the more than 15 MILLION men and women who fought in the bloodiest and most horrific war in the history of the world! My father was on of them and right now he is turning in his grave! Look at that WALL! You see the 4000 stars on it? Each one stands for 100 Americans who sacrificed their lives FOR YOU! They died fighting a Power of Darkness that was bent on turning the WHOLE WORLD into a Place of Darkness! Take a good breath of air! Do you like how that feels? That is called being alive! It is because of them that we are here enjoying it! Do you like your Freedom? We would all be slaves right now or in Death Camps like Auschwitz! What the hell did my father fight for?! What did those people (I point to the Star Wall) give up their lives for?! Until this moment I never really believed it possible for the hearts of the American people could be so cold! Have you people no sense of decency? Have you no respect for our Honoured Dead?! If there is a God in heaven, go home right now and get down on your knees! Get down on your knees for as long as you can stand it, and thank God for the very Freedom and Lives you enjoy because of those peoples sacrifices!

  4. Bennie says:

    what was once a place to pay your respects to the ones that paid the ultimate price for other countries to experience freedom I am sad to the point that so many people could do this its not just for the white americans its for all the world to know that they paid the price for them not just americans because it wasn’t our country we were fighting for it was theirs so it should be a sad time for all humanity not just me and americans that still believe in our principles and values and the healing powers of jesus Christ