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The White House and Obama Oppose Voter ID – Only Some of the Time!?

Voter ID

The White House has once again dragged out the tired old argument that requiring voter ID is a Trojan horse for voter suppression. And it’s getting push-back from congressional Republicans.

On the one hand, the Obama administration wants to dismiss enforcing voter ID, however it also praises it.

Two years ago, the White House released a fact sheet on successful Democratic reforms in Kenya. What exactly did the White House tout as a success? A voter registration and voter ID program, of course. The Daily Caller points out that stringent voter ID laws were able to weed out 20,000 voters who were double registered, demonstrating great success.

So, why does the White House support voter ID in Kenya but not in America? Probably because there aren’t 10 million illegal aliens in Kenya to send to the polls.

Obama also criticized such voter ID laws on CBS “Sunday Morning” earlier this year, as a barrier to voting.

President Barack Obama says voter ID laws can be a barrier to voting, and the government needs a revitalized Voting Rights Act to police ballot box discrimination.

But he just can’t get his story straight. In a conversation with Al Sharpton, Obama stated:

Keep in mind most of these laws are not preventing the the overwhelmingly majority of folks who don’t vote from voting. Most people do have ID. Most people do have a drivers license. Most people can get to the polls. But the bottom line is, if less then half of our folks vote, these laws aren’t preventing the other half from not voting.

This is just one more item in the long list of things the Obama administration has backtracked or sidetracked on. Share this article with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter to see what other instances of complete hypocrisy they can remember.