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Kid’s Terrible “Slam” Poem Is Proof Our Education System Has Failed

Want evidence that Common Core is working just as intended? Here you go.

The latest viral video sensation to rock the internet comes from a middle school “poetry slam” – a form of poetry that’s anything but poetic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a slam poem not have a liberal theme – and be a total trainwreck. Watch this video for instance.

The poet in question, 14 year old Royce Mann presented on his “White Boy Privilege” – regurgitating what he learned from a class on race & gender that he was required to take. Watch below, and try not to puke.

The May contest at The Paideia School, one of the Atlanta area’s elite private schools, apparently features students “slamming poetry,” or standing, gesturing and enunciating words and phrases loudly, that occasionally rhyme, in front of an audience.

In what would otherwise be something nobody would or should be interested in seeing (other than parents who may be beginning to wonder what they’re getting for their $22,000+ tuition fees), after his mother posted the video to Youtube Mann’s performance is getting national and even international attention. And not because of his otherworldly “poetry slamming” skills, but because of the hot-button topic of his “poem” … “white boy privilege.”

That’s right, the white guilt already runs strong with this 14-year-old, who has likely been taught his entire life that if it weren’t for his evil pale-skinned tribe the world would pretty much be a big round bed of roses, peace pipes, and hula girls dancing around campfires.

H/T The Blaze

In what amounts to at least somewhat of a win for sanity, the video nearly has 50% down-votes in the Youtube ratings.

Thank God we have fourteen year olds to teach us how the world works.

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