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White Singer Stands Up To Black Lives Matter Racism In HUGE WAY!


Days after music superstar Beyonce released her latest album “Lemonade” which channels the Black Lives Matter movement and its anti-cop rhetoric, white rapper Iggy Azalea has had enough!

Alalea has made it clear the she won’t put up with Beyonce’s offensive name for white women. This is AWESOME!

From New York Daily News:

The ongoing controversy over who is “Becky” in Beyoncé’s new song has struck a sour note with singer Iggy Azalea.

The “Fancy” artist made it clear she never wants to be referred to as a “Becky” by her fans because she finds the term — sometimes used to describe a generic white woman or “Valley Girl” — just as offensive as calling a black woman “Sha Nay Nay” or an Asian woman “Ming Lee.”

“Don’t ever call me a Becky,” she told a fan on Twitter in the first of many tweets on the matter.

“Generalizing ANY race by calling them one (sic) sterotypical name for said race … I personally don’t think is very cool, the end,” she continued.

A slew of followers fired back at Azalea to argue the moniker wasn’t racist, and the “Black Widow” performer continued to bite.

“Girl BYE,” she replied to one user. “Do you know how many time ppl have called me BECKY? It didn’t have any kind of positive intention behind it. Don’t start.”

She then argued “Becky” was originally used as slang to describe “white women’s supposed love” for oral sex.

“To be called a generalized name that gained (sic) populairty as a way to describe oral sex and then generally white women … no thanks,” she wrote.

Azalea isn’t the only rapper who has beef with Beyoncé’s cheating anthem. Notorious Twitter ranter Azealia Banks slammed Beyoncé’s new album “Lemonade” — in which she seems to hint at husband Jay Z’s infidelity — as “the Antithesis of what feminism is” on social media.

Do you support Azalea’s decision to call out Beyonce over her latest album? Do you plan on purchasing “Lemonade”? Let us know in the comments section below!