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FLASHBACK! Who Remembers This Epic Moment in TV History?

Remember the days when “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” was hosted by Regis Philbin?

Here’s a flashback to the first contestant to ever win a million dollars on the show. I remember watching it live – only six years old at the time. The contestant, John Carpenter, managed to make it to the final question without using a single lifeline (and still holds the record for being the only person to technically not use any lifelines). I use the word “technically” because for his last question, he uses his “Phone a Friend” lifeline to call his father.

But he doesn’t ask for help. Watch what he says next – it’s classic.

Easily the coolest nerd alive.

Believe it or not, Carpenter was an IRS officer at the time of the show. Forking over half your winnings to your employer must’ve been just a little bittersweet.

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