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WHOA – Did Archaeologists Find the Site Of Jesus’ Trial?

The Citadel/Tower of David

Nearly everyone in the world knows this story – a traveling preacher named Jesus crisscrossed the lands of Israel spreading the word of God. Until he ran afoul of the authorities, that is.

Christians believe Jesus was captured, tried, and ultimately crucified by the Roman State. His trial, referred to in the Gospels of the New Testament, is believed by some to have taken place at King Herod’s palace right in the heart of Jerusalem.

According to The Washington Post, archaeologists in Israel stumbled upon this find while working on the Tower of David Museum.

In the Gospels, Roman and Temple authorities accuse Jesus of sedition, asking him repeatedly if he is “The King of the Jews.” The trial, where Jesus was found guilty by the Roman Pontius Pilate, was followed by Jesus’ torture and journey to Golgotha, where he was crucified.

If this is indeed the site of Herod’s palace, the picture of Jesus’ final hours becomes clearer for billions of Christians worldwide. No doubt Christian pilgrims will have a brand new holy site to visit if Herod’s palace is confirmed.

What do you think? Was Herod’s palace the site of Jesus’ trial?