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WHOA! Elderly Couple Drive Into a Lake – No One Could Have Imagined What Would Happen Next!

The car accident is believed to have taken place in the Belgian city of Beervelde, where a couple known as Eric and Cecile went to watch their grandchildren at surfing club from a nearby jetty.


Eric, believed to be the driver, explains that he has a bad leg so they wanted to get as close as possible to the water. However, instead of hitting the brakes when they were close enough, he accidentally hit the accelerator. The car hit the water with the elderly couple trapped inside and sinking.

Luckily for them, Robbie Haems, 17, and Bjorn Cuvelier, 18, were in a rubber dingy not too far away and came in for an astounding rescue. What really made matters worse was, because of his bad leg, Eric could do nothing but sit in the driver’s seat and wait for the rescuers to first help his wife.

According to Mail Online, “With the cold water slowly creeping up towards the windscreen, the silver car can be seen slowly sinking into the depths of the lake.”

Watch the video as one of the friends recorded the save:

The outcome of this incident could have been substantially and devastatingly worse. Thanks to these two brave youngsters, it wasn’t. What do you think of these brave youth? Share this story on your facebook/twitter timeline and add your comments below!

H/T – Mail Online