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WHOA! Indiana Republicans Support This SHOCKING Candidate!


With just a few days before the all-important Indiana primary, a primary that could DOOM Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, new polling from the Hoosier State suggests that Republicans favor Donald Trump for president.

From The Hill:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is ahead by 9 points in Indiana ahead of the state’s Tuesday primary, according to a poll released Friday.

Trump has 41 percent support among likely GOP primary voters, the American Research Group poll found, followed by Ted Cruz, at 32 percent, and John Kasich, at 21 percent.

Trump is the top choice among the solely self-reported Republicans surveyed, taking 42 percent compared to 34 percent for Cruz and 17 percent for Kasich.

The businessman is also the top choice among the self-reported independents and Democrats deemed likely to vote in the primary, leading Cruz by 10 points among that group.

While Trump holds a 13-point lead over Cruz among men, 45 to 32 percent, his lead among women is narrower — 36 to 32 percent.

Recent surveys have given Trump an advantage between 2 and 8 points over Cruz as the pair battle for support in the Hoosier State.

Popular Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is reportedly endorsing Cruz on Friday. The Texas senator announced Carly Fiorina this week as his running mate.

Cruz is seeking to gain some momentum in the state after drawing mockery for calling a basketball hoop a “ring.”

Trump has also campaigned intensely in Indiana, appearing repeatedly with famed former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight.

The survey of 400 likely GOP primary voters was conducted April 27–28 with a margin of error of 5 percentage points.

Even though Indiana’s Governor just endorsed Cruz, do you think Trump can hold on to his lead by next Tuesday? Share your thoughts below!!

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