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WHOA! After What He Said, Barack Obama Became the Police’s Worst Enemy (MUST WATCH)

Last night on BET, President Barack Obama went back to full-blown community organizer mode. Watch (above) as Obama shamefully announces that the same police officers who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe have “subconscious fear of folks who look different” and that, among other things, is creating a national problem that must be addressed:

This country is at its best when everybody is being treated fairly. We have a history and a legacy of people not being treated fairly in all kinds of walks of life. It is particularly important for people to feel like they’re being treated fairly by law enforcement and police, because the consequences when they’re not treated fairly can be deadly.

And, you know, I’ve said it before, the vast majority of law enforcement officers are doing a really tough job, and most of them are doing it well and are trying to do the right thing. But a combination of bad training, in some cases, a combination in some cases of departments that really are not trying to root out biases, or tolerate sloppy police work. A combination, in some cases of folks just not knowing any better, and in a lot of cases, subconscious fear of folks who look different, all of this contributes to a national problem that’s going to require a national solution.

via The Right Scoop

It is hard to believe someone with such a negative view of policemen is the President of America. He will be in the history books as our nation’s worst President.


Comments on “WHOA! After What He Said, Barack Obama Became the Police’s Worst Enemy (MUST WATCH)”

  1. Stanley says:

    obama is an anti-American terrorist who should be impeached but because he is black, the GOP is afraid to do that. Everything obama has done has been against public opinion including obamacare, the benghazi – IRS – citizen spying scandals not to mention the amnesty stuff which the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want.