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WHOA! Trump Said Something That Actually Has the Rest of the GOP Cheering!


If you’re a member of the Republican establishment, then I hope your stomach ulcers clear up soon. Because this summer has been a rollercoaster of a ride for the Republican party elders who were hoping to take back the White House after 8 disastrous years of Barack Obama.

And the reason they are clutching that bottle of Pepto with pale, sweaty hands?

Donald Trump.

Like a copper-haired hoover, he sucks the oxygen out of every room he enters, leaving traditional candidates floundering. Since he announced his bid for the White House, GOPers have had cause to cringe every day when he says or does something that goes against their election playbook.

But the establishment can be of good cheer if this report is accurate, for Donald Trump has told several top GOP insiders that he will swear off running as an independent if he fails to secure the Republican nomination.

Should Mr. Trump run as a third-party candidate, it would all but guarantee Clinton 2.0 gets into the White House, as the Donald would split the conservative vote in America.

“He just wanted to ensure that the establishment would treat him as fair as they would treat any of the other candidates,” said Michael Cohen, a longtime aid to Mr. Trump. “And I believe, right now, they are treating him fairly. It is my personal belief that the RNC is treating Mr. Trump the same as the other candidates, and he will live up to his agreement not to run as an independent.”

Trump has not yet formally pledged to refuse a third-party bid, but all indications are that he is leaning in that direction. Sure, it’s only a crumb of good news, but if your an Establishment guy, it sure looks like a feast.

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H/T: The Huffington Post


Comments on “WHOA! Trump Said Something That Actually Has the Rest of the GOP Cheering!”

  1. Rc says:

    here you go again thinking so highly of yourselves. I am a conservative, but conservatives DO NOT decide elections. There aren’t enough of us to make a difference. As is the case with blacks, latinos, democrats. You must secure the youth vote (18-35) year olds who are independents and 1 of the other democraphics. Even if trump runs as an Ind. he can win the white house because he has a lot of latinos, blacks and independents in the 18-35 group. So Cons need to stop thinking you really make a difference!