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CRAZY: Look Why Whole Foods Is Suing A Gay Pastor!

Whole Foods

Well, here’s one that should make a few liberal heads explode.

It all began with a manufactured hate crime, when Jordan Brown, a gay pastor, claimed to have ordered a cake from Whole Foods, and received one with “fag” written on the center. He quickly opened up a lawsuit against Whole Foods.

Only, there were a few problems.

The slur was written in a (slightly) different color icing, in different handwriting. He also identified the Whole Foods where he was aggrieved – and it turned out that the baker there was himself gay.

And last but not least – you really think this would happen in a Whole Foods? Talk about unbelievable.

Now, the tables have turned.

Upon further investigation into the claim, Whole Foods updated its response saying Brown’s “accusations are fraudulent” and it “intends to take legal action against Mr. Brown and his attorney.”

The market also released surveillance video showing Brown paying for his cake at the register. According to the store, Brown’s video shows a UPC label on the bottom and side of the box, but security footage showed the code on the top of the box.


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