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VIDEO: Thanks Taxpayers – Here’s What You Bought For $360 MILLION

USS Milwaukee

Last week, Headline Politics brought you news that the USS Zumwalt, the largest and most advanced destroyer ever built, was now at sea.

Well, let’s hope she fares better than the last ship the US Navy launched – the USS Milwaukee. Because this $360 million littoral combat ship, launched in Milwaukee last month, has just broken down while at sea.

Check out the video here:

The Milwaukee didn’t even complete her first sea trial … instead she’s limping back to port with the help of tow ships.  Apparently, scrap metal had been caught in the engine system, resulting in the failure.

Is this the best American taxpayers could get for the $360 million they spent on this ship?  Is it too late to get a refund?

USS Milwaukee

Little wonder the goons of ISIS are mocking us online.

H/T:  CNN.com

What do you think of the failure of the Milwaukee? Let us know below.



  1. Jeremy says:

    You’ve got to be the one of the most retarded bloggers I’ve ever seen. Get your terrible facts which are far from truth out of here… it’s a minor setback but it’s getting shock tested and will be dry docked anyways.. but guess you wouldn’t be smart enough to know that…

  2. Dave says:

    That’s what test runs are all about. After reading this, it sounds like a minor problem. I don’t believe ISIS is laughing about this as much as you are.