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Why Are White House Fence Jumpers Being Stopped With Dogs?


Yesterday, a tragedy struck the city of Ottawa. Even this afternoon, it’s still not quite clear what transpired, but from everything we know of the shootings that took place across the city, in government areas like the Parliament and a War Memorial, there appears to be some sort of tie to terrorism. We will learn more in the coming days, but after the incidents, governments around the world were placed on high alert for the possibility of more terrorist actions.

Hours after this attack, perpetrated by a convert to Islam, on our neighbors to the north, a man jumped over the fence at the White House. He was the seventh person to do so this year, and as I’ve written about previously, previous fence-jumpers have reached frighteningly deep into the grounds of the White House and even into the building itself.

How did the Secret Service respond to this breach on the same day as a terrorist attack in a neighboring country? They sent the dogs. What happened to guns? Do the Secret Service still have firearms? Why aren’t they authorized to use them and why wasn’t the White House under a threat alert that would have warranted this sort of response, even if normally fence-jumpers aren’t met with lethal force?

The problem of intruders onto the White House grounds is growing, and one way to put an end to the constant incidents such as this is if people know that they will be met with lethal force if they dare to breach the fence.

Do you think the Secret Service should have used guns against yesterday’s fence jumper?


Comments on “Why Are White House Fence Jumpers Being Stopped With Dogs?”

  1. Dexter says:

    The Illegal Intruders have been in the Whitehouse for nearly SIX Years! Where are the Media Dogs? Oh! They are sleeping until some righteous people get in the Whitehouse, then they will attack!